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Roller blinds and blinds – handmade designs give the room individuality

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Roller blinds and blinds not only provide the necessary protection from the sun and privacy. Nowadays they have become real works of art adding a sophisticated finishing touch to the room and decorating the windows. The renowned manufacturer Conrad offers hand-made fabrics that are adapted to your own living space. We present you 25 of the most beautiful roller blinds and venetian blinds from the renowned brand.

Roller blinds and blinds spice up the room

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The roller blinds from Conrad fascinate with a timeless, elegant look and a pleasant feel. These are manufactured according to the respective window dimensions – in this way the supplier ensures that his high-quality product fits perfectly. The choice of color is left to the customer or the interior designer – there are almost no limits here. Above all, it is important that the roller blinds are not only functional, but also give the room character. The roller blinds are semi-transparent, let the sunlight through and create exciting games of light and shadow. They are suitable for use in any living space – even in the bathroom.

Roller blinds and blinds set accents in the room

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The roller blinds and blinds from the renowned company are enjoying growing popularity in the designer world with good reason. World-famous interior designers set accents in their interiors with Conrad roller blinds in a contrasting color. The bamboo blinds look particularly attractive next to a natural stone wall – the combination of materials simply cannot let go of your eyes. But the designs also blend in harmoniously in the classic living room / bedroom.

The US-based company became popular in the early 1950s. Their products are a combination of traditional manufacturing techniques from Norway and Asia and innovative design. The sustainable roller blinds and venetian blinds from Conrad are made from natural fibers and are colored with natural colors.

Roller blinds create an exciting play of light and shadow in the living room

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Transparent roller blinds let in sunlight

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Hand-woven roller blinds with an interesting structure become an eye-catcher in the interior

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Furnish the living room – privacy screen with roller blinds in sand color

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Windows with chocolate brown roller blinds as sun protection

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Roller blinds-blinds-living room-privacy protection-handwoven-ideas

Roller blinds-blinds-living room-living ideas-modern

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