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Rococo style design – reminiscent of the most splendid art epochs

Rococo style luxury interior design furniture suite style decor ornaments

The most important art epochs are increasingly popular in today’s dominant mix of styles. Rococo is a style characterized as a form of the late baroque that originated in France between 1700 and 1780 as a musical and artistic direction. It is named after the ornate shell rocaille, characterized by asymmetry. The ornament has become the leitmotif of the style – furniture, walls, ceilings and art objects have been skillfully decorated with it. Modern home decorations in the Rococo style can convey the unique character and romance of the past epoch again. Here you will find a lot of inspiration for your individual, splendid living environment!

Flat design in rococo style

Decoration style rococo mirror modern furnishings crystal chandelier design carpeting

Back then, architecture and interior design took up the trend towards lightness. Strict geometric shapes were avoided, and even the living spaces were designed to be round. Lavishly and generously decorated walls and ceilings arouse a longing for romance and beauty. Rococo room decorations are lavish and extravagant. Their rich ornamentation is inspired by the natural curves of trees, shells, clouds and flowers. The elegant curved lines are complemented by square shapes. Dominant golden elements exude luxury and can be combined with creamy white, ivory, pastel tones and fine textiles. The framework is very characteristic of the Rococo.

Lush room decorations in the Rococo style

Ornate Rococo furnishing styles romantic late baroque-inspired nature-shell rocaille

The shell-shaped ornament can also be used in modern furniture designs and accessories in the Rococo style to find. Rococo furniture is made from mahogany wood and is usually hand-carved or gilded. Upholstery made of velor or leather contributes to the flirtatious and graceful appearance. Motifs from China, the Orient, the Palladian style and the Gothic can be used effectively in the Rococo style.

Elegant textiles

Armchair Rococo frame dominant ornaments, fine French-style textile upholstery

Ornaments are light, elegant and playful

Rococo golden frame-bedroom bed headboard-ornaments Curved-elegant shapes

Splendor, elegance and timelessness

Rococo style ornaments-slightly playful fine-fabrics textiles upholstered wooden bed

Capricious style

coquettish furniture mahogany wood lacquer chest of drawers legs rococo decorations rocaille

Rococo interior design for living room

Modern apartment-classic deco crystal chandelier rococo carpeting

Smooth silhouettes and velvety textiles

elegant sofa black design upholstered velvety rococo furniture velor

Gold and fine textiles

Rococo style gold upholstered sofa cover fine textiles lightness

Ornaments with gold elements

Rococo Cupboard-Feet Supple-Silhouette Ornaments Design

Rococo decoration style

Framework rococo wall mirror frame ornaments dressing table capricious

Ladies toilet with curved elegant shapes and luxurious colors

Dressing table mirror wall furniture-gilt frame rococo style

Coquettish bed headboard ornaments

Bed headboard luxury rococo flirtatious decorations-white black modern

Dominant ornaments in modern furniture design

stylish furniture design-artfully decorated rococo asymmetry leitmotif rocaille

The mix of styles arouses a longing for romance and beauty

Mix of styles Home decor ideas Rococo elements Mirror frame-lush dressing table Transparent chair

Ornamental fireplace

Rococo Ornaments Cornices Fireplace Ornament Design Decorative

Enjoy the elegance and grace of Rococo in your own home

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