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Renovated apartment in Spain – a wooden wall separates the rooms

renovated apartment wooden wall kitchen living area Inigo Beguiristain

These renovated apartment is located in Pamplona, ​​Spain and is a project of Iñigo Beguiristain. It has an area of ​​96 m2 and consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large, open living area. The decor is modern and influenced by minimalism.

Refurbished apartment in Pamplona, ​​Spain

apartment renovation furnishing living room wooden wall Inigo Beguiristain

The four rooms that previously faced the street facade have been replaced with one large, continuous room. As a result, another 12 m2 was gained for the two bathrooms instead of the original hallway. A single construction separates the living area from the bedrooms and solves all the requirements of the increasingly complex apartment. This unique wooden wall goes through the whole apartment and defines each of the rooms.

Renovated apartment with minimalist furnishings

renovated apartment facility living area open plan Inigo Beguiristain

All windows are completely covered with white curtains. The revolving doors are a real highlight. When closed, they guarantee the uninterrupted cohesion of the wooden wall on both sides. When opened, they distance themselves and interrupt the original continuity in order to create a new one, so that the adjoining rooms become a whole. The geometry and variety of configurations together with the continuous movement of the sliding and cabinet doors create the illusion of an organism. The color nuances are simple and subtle, which emphasizes the warmth of the wooden surface. The only splash of color is an olive green sofa in the living area.

Eat-in kitchen with dining area

minimalist kitchen-living room wood wall dining area kitchen island

light gray floor tiles

apartment renovation kitchen dinning area wood partition

handleless kitchen fronts

minimalist kitchen wooden fronts handleless island

large eat-in kitchen with island

living room kitchen wood island corian minimalist design

renovated apartment spain hallway inigo Beguiristain

minimalist bedroom

furnishing bedroom wood wardrobe handleless minimalist

small bedroom with desk

renovated apartment spain wood wardrobe Inigo Beguiristain

minimalist bedroom wooden wall design wardrobe

bathroom design white glass walk-in shower wood ceiling

minimalist bathroom wood white mosaic tiles

renovated apartment full wood wall plan Inigo Beguiristain

renovated apartment floor plan spaces Inigo Beguiristain