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Planning interior design in 3D – 5 tips for free software

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Spatial thinking is not easy for everyone. Some can only imagine whether the furniture will look good in the room once it is there. But that is often associated with exhausting furniture carrying. New furnishings that don’t fit into the home because of their size or style are also very annoying. For There is always a high demand for interior architects and designers, but can you do without an interior designer when redesigning your own home or plan it so meticulously? As a hobby designer, you can also bring a breath of fresh air into your home. These programs will help you with this, so that you can plan your interior design in 3D. After you have set your floor plan, you can place furniture and finally see the whole room in the 3D view. With the planner Roomle this is even with “Augmented reality“Possible, literally translated as” augmented reality “. You can use the iPad camera to position pieces of furniture directly in your home and see whether they match in terms of color and style.

Plan interior design in 3D on the computer

Plan interior design in 3D for free-software-autodesk-homestyler

Autodesk Homestyler – For practical interior design on Android and Apple

The Homestyler can be used online directly in the browser. An account is only required for this if you want to save your apartment plan and call it up again later – otherwise you can start right away without registering. It is also practical to use it on the tablet or smartphone as an app – for Android and Apple devices. The fact that you can choose from a wide variety of furniture means that it can be set up virtually in different styles. The room can be furnished in the 2D view simply using drag and drop. To see the result, you can switch to the 3D view. Another plus: In addition to the apartment, you can also help design the garden here.

Plan interior design in 3D for free


For IKEA fans – the furniture store’s planners

IKEA offers its customers a wide variety of planners. However, these only include IKEA furniture. The planners presented here can all be used in the browser. You can use the PAX planner for large, adjustable wardrobes. You can furnish your living room with the BESTÅ series, both of which can be adapted to your needs and budget. BESTÅ consists of several elements that can be flexibly assembled. For example, with a TV bench: depending on the size of the TV table you choose, you can choose a cabinet body. Now you can choose the right doors according to your requirements. The room is set up in 3D by the IKEA planners for BESTÅ and PAX, so that you can get a feel for the new furniture in your home right away. You can also imitate the style of your home with accessories such as boxes and televisions, colorful walls or parquet.

Top 10 3D room planners online for free with no download

For beginners and professionals: A 3D living space planner online for everyone

Chair House – realistic 3d visualization by Igor Sirotov Architect


The bedroom and bathroom planners from IKEA are also practical tools for IKEA lovers. At the beginning of the planning, you can first choose a bathroom or bedroom for inspiration and exchange various furnishings there in order to find your favorite style and later to place the furniture in your virtual room. The room design is done in the browser in 2D. If you download the software, you can also see it in 3D.


SBS MEIN HEIM 3D – After registration, the full version can be downloaded free of charge

As soon as you have registered free of charge on the SBS website, you can use the full version of MEIN HEIM 3D for free. You can set the floor plan of your room and equip the apartment with a selection of over 3,000 pieces of furniture. In addition to furniture, you can also choose different floors, wallpapers and wall colors as well as curtains. Here, too, the furniture is simply placed at the desired location using drag and drop. You can switch from 2D to 3D at any time. The software is only available as a download for the computer.

Roomeon – room planning on the computer

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The Roomeon planner is available free of charge to private individuals. You can download this directly from the provider website. The 3D view from Roomeon is realistic, especially through the representation of light and shadow in the rooms. In addition to many designer pieces, IKEA products can also be found in the Roomeon catalog. Here, too, you enter your apartment floor plan at the beginning and then set it up. The setup is done in 3D. From the software you can go directly to the manufacturer’s website for all furniture. Using the software is a little more difficult because you move around the room with the W, A, S and D keys, but you also learn this movement quickly. You can use the mouse to change the angle of view.

Roomle – Augmented Reality for iPad and iPhone

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In order to be able to use the Roomle planner, you have to register on the manufacturer’s website. The use of the service on the computer is free of charge. However, if you want to use the application on the iPad, you have to pay 4.99 euros for the app after the first draft. The payment is one time and you can create as many plans as you want. You can simply draw the floor plan with your finger, the rest works again according to the drag and drop principle. The best thing about the app: You can even look at selected furniture in your own home. With the help of the iPad’s camera, you can virtually place the furniture in the room and see whether it matches the style and color. In 2014 Roomle even received the German Design Award and many other awards.

Plan interior design in 3D on iPad with Roomle

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