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Plan seating windows: A window bench extends the living space outwards

As soon as it gets cold outside, we prefer to stay inside and watch nature. A window bench is the perfect place to relax and promises pleasant hours with a book in hand. There are numerous design options available – with a shelf, with storage space, space-saving or generous. There is a suitable solution for every living situation. If you are planning a seating window, however, there are a few things to consider. We explain how to design a cozy and functional window seat and what you should pay attention to and show you 30 inspiring ideas for cozy and modern window seats.

Planning and designing seating windows: There are three versions to choose from

Windowsill with storage space underneath and space for radiators

Sitting comfortably in your own living room with a cup of coffee and a nice book and enjoying the beautiful nature outside: Many builders dream of a panoramic window with a window bench. In order to realize the dream of a cozy sitting area by the window, you don’t actually need a panorama window or a wide window sill. Because with the right furniture, you can fake the look. Fit a window bench just in front of the window sill and connect it to a shelf or built-in wardrobe that frames the window. In this way you not only create additional seating and lounging space, but you can also display your book collection or small statues or other decorative pieces and of course your family photos. Such a window bench fits harmoniously into the furnishings and becomes an element of the interior design. Of course, you can design the space under the bench as you wish. A seating window with storage space for seat cushions, serving tray and cozy bedspreads is of course something special.

Design seating windows in a window niche

Build your own wooden seating window with window bench

Alternatively, you can create a window niche by converting it. A deep bench then fits into this niche, which you can use as a day bed, seating area for guests or a boho style home office. If you choose this variant, you should plan for a seat depth of at least 60 cm and replace the old window with a well-insulated model. Three-chamber window systems offer sufficient insulation and guarantee that you will feel comfortable outside even in sub-zero temperatures. So that nothing disturbs the unobstructed view, choose either fixed glazing or divide the window into two. At the top you can mount a bottom hung window that opens outwards. This way you can ventilate and at the same time sit by the window and clean the window. The lower half should not open. So it can serve as a fall protection.

Design the seating window with a wide window sill

Plan boho style seating windows and build them yourself from wood

If the building has thick outer walls, then you can integrate a seating window during a renovation. If this seat window is on the ground floor, you do not need a fall protection device. Even more so – with sliding glass doors you can create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas and thus merge the border between house and garden. However, in order for the window seat to be installed in a really functional and safe manner, a professional design is necessary.

Plan seating windows with shelves and storage space

Plan seat windows with a shelving system and build storage space afterwards

Niches and corners can be completely transformed with individually adapted built-in furniture. Even if the window is relatively small, there is nothing wrong with installing a shelf that merges into a wide window sill. In this way you can save yourself expensive and time-consuming renovation work and then have additional seating. This variant is ideal for living areas with many windows that accommodate the dining area, kitchen and living room. If necessary, you can use the window bench as an additional seat for the dining table.

Outside seating window: When the window bench merges directly into the terrace

Plan seating windows and design them with access to the garden

If you are one of the lucky owners of a new home with generous windows, then the next idea is for you. It combines a bench that doubles as a staircase to the adjoining terrace. The doors open outwards so that you can sit or lie comfortably on the window bench and the terrace still remains easily accessible. The wide seat offers enough space for the whole family and even for guests.

Panoramic window with seat

Plan and design wooden seating windows with shelves and storage space

Panorama windows allow a large-scale view and are therefore a popular element of modern architecture. In contrast to the floor-to-ceiling windows, which are divided into several sashes, panorama windows consist of a large glass surface without bars. If they have an extra-wide window sill at seat height, they offer the perfect place to relax. In this way, residents can enjoy nature outside in all seasons and in all weathers without having to forego the cozy warmth of their own home. The storage space around the window provides space for magazines and books.

Frameless corner windows

Design wooden seating windows with storage space

Frameless corner windows have enjoyed great popularity in recent years. They are mainly used in the sleeping area or in the children’s room. These corner windows usually have no opening sash and are made of safety glass. A seat that pulls around the corner and then turns into a bookcase is the perfect complement to such a picture window.

Turn small niches into cozy reading corners

Make the window seat cozy as a day bed

Small niches with windows in the hallway can be transformed into cozy reading corners in no time at all. Simply assemble a wooden board, add thick cushioned cushions and place a small table right next to it. A fleckerl carpet keeps your feet warm and rounds off the stylish ensemble.

Seating window with a view of the inner courtyard

Design the window seat with a view to the outside towards the inner courtyard

A seating window that looks out to the forest or the sea is of course something special. But even if the house is in a densely built-up district, you don’t have to do without the cozy seating area by the window. In this case, however, you should plan the seating window so that it faces the back or inner courtyard. So you can enjoy and marvel at your own oasis of peace in the middle of the big city all year round.

Design the window seat outside

Seating windows outside in the garden build ideas from modern architect houses

The windowsill doesn’t always have to be inside. If the facade design allows, you can design a window seat outside. This variant is perfect for city villas on small lots. There is usually hardly any space left for a garden and the builders have to look for space-saving solutions. A window sill can replace the seating area with chairs in the garden. Even more so – the windowsill is covered and protects it from the strong sun rays in summer and from rain and snow in winter. Since it is connected directly to the facade, you do not need any heating in autumn.

Planning seating windows: a different way of working at home

Plan seating windows and design them later

Anyone who works at home knows how important a nicely furnished home office is. Whether as a reception room for customers or simply to relax in between: A wide seating window offers numerous design options.

Whether as an additional seat or as an accent in the living area: a seating window has become an indispensable part of modern living. Let yourself be inspired by the suggestions for a functional and cozy furnishing and staging of such a window bench and create your own oasis of peace.

Window bench for the holiday home in the forest

Seating window with window sill made of natural stone as an element of interior design

Even in a small niche, there is always room for a cozy window sill

Recreate a window seat. Idea for a small window in the living room

Library with generously glazed fronts and a comfortable bench by the window

Design window bench with storage space in the library at home

Seating window with storage space

Plan a window seat with storage space and a view of the garden

Seating window and steps at the same time

Build seat windows afterwards Ideas for window bench with steps

Bay window in a classic building

Build your own wooden bench seat with storage space

Bay window with bench

Build a bench by the window using niches and corners

Window seat seamlessly connected to the garden

Build your own seat window with storage space underneath and a view of the garden

Narrow and high seat window 

Subsequently build seat windows yourself in corners and niches

Seating window next to the fireplace

Window seat with storage space next to the fireplace and the wall shelf

Window seat in the living room

Window seat with storage space and wooden bench in the living room of modern apartment

Window seat with shelf

Design a wooden window seat with a shelf

Architect house with window seat made of wood

Plan seating windows and build them later with a metal shelf system

Window seat in the library of an architect’s house

Seating window with shelf in cabinet home room with high ceiling

Window seat and built-in wardrobe in the bedroom

Combine the seating window in the bedroom with storage space and wardrobes

Window bench in the home office

Idea for a wooden bench seat in the cabinet

Plan the window seat: Cozy seat cushions and bedspreads ensure more comfort

Build bay windows and arrange a seat with a cozy blanket and cushions and a coffee table

Design a window seat in the boho style

Window seat in boho style plan and design ideas