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Perforated panels made of wood and plastic create more order at home

Perforated panels made of wood deco-wooden dowels-shelf-hanging-cactus-wooden beads

If you want to live in an always tidy environment, then creative storage ideas come to the rescue. When it comes to order in the home, there is nothing more versatile than that Perforated panels made of wood and plastic. They can be used in any living space and provide additional storage space with the help of the wooden dowels. Today we are going to give you a few ideas on how you can use the perforated boards to keep your home tidier.

Perforated panels made of wood can be designed as desired

Perforated panels made of wood wooden dowels-move-boards-easily-quickly-create shelves

Perforated boards are very practical boards that are usually attached to the wall, which is why we still talk about perforated walls. The useful boards can be found in different materials, the most common of which are wood and plastic. Its best feature is the ability to customize the panel as required. Perforated wooden panels are used together with grooved or smooth wooden dowels that are inserted into the holes. Shelves or even cupboards can be placed on it, creating additional storage space in the apartment.

A tidy kitchen with perforated wooden panels

Perforated panels made of wood kitchen-dining room-additional-storage-space-shelves-wall-mounted cabinets

Has it ever happened to you that the cupboards in the kitchen are insufficient and the items end up lying on the worktop? The problem can be solved with a large perforated wall. In addition, you can always change the arrangement of the shelves if you want to use them for something different.

More storage space with a wooden perforated wall

Perforated panels made of wood kitchen-design-order-create-shelves-hooks

Perforated wooden panels are also made from solid wood, which ensures their strength and robustness. In the kitchen, they can be attached close to the worktop, making them perfect for storing cups, glasses and kitchen accessories of all kinds.

Create order in the small apartment with the help of the wooden perforated panels

Perforated panels made of wood perforated wall-kitchen-bedroom-common-design idea

Perforated walls are a good furnishing idea for small, compact apartments that have little storage space. This living room is also a bedroom and a small kitchen, which are separated by a network. The two rooms share a shared wooden perforated wall with lots of shelves.

Design shelves in the kitchen as you like

Perforated panels-wood-perforated-wall-small-apartment-kitchen-tidying up

Since the kitchen is small, the lower shelves are very useful. The most frequently used dishes are usually placed on top so that they are always ready to hand. Objects that are seldom needed should be placed higher up on the wooden perforated plate, because they can only be taken with the help of a ladder.

Perforated panels made of wood – practical and beautiful

Perforated boards-wood-decoration-storage-space-wooden boards-wood dowels-wall

Perforated panels made of wood can also be used as decoration. You can attach pictures to the wooden dowels, place small planters on the shelves or organize books.

Make a perforated wall yourself with wooden dowels for every living space

Perforated boards-wood-perforated wall-wood dowels-shelves-storage-space-clothes-hangers-decoration

If you want to try a new DIY project, you can try making perforated panels out of wood yourself. For this purpose you will need wooden boards, a drill press and wooden dowels.

Practical furnishing idea for the entrance area

Perforated wood-hallway-bag-hat-key-hook-vases-dry-flowers

The design of the entrance area or hallway should not be neglected. Ordering this room will help you not to be late by having everything you need on hand.

Use wooden perforated panels as hangers

Perforated board-wood-bag-hanger-wall-board-practical-design

The individual wooden dowels also serve as hangers for the bag and key. For example, you can put your glasses, perfume or gloves on the shelves. Vases with flowers or souvenirs are suitable as decoration.

Plastic perforated panels in a modern apartment


Instead of perforated panels made of wood, plastic ones can be used for modern home furnishings. The removable connecting pins and containers allow the perforated wall to be designed individually.

Elegant shelf for books


The movable containers create numerous storage options. The white perforated wall can also be used as a beautiful bookshelf.

Plastic perforated wall for hanging tools

Perforated plates-plastic-perforated wall-tools-house-gardening-regulation

The tools in the garage are easily organized with a plastic perforated plate. Metal hooks are used here instead of wooden dowels. There is always space for instruments for house and garden work on a large perforated wall.

Design a craft corner at home

Perforated panels-plastic-wooden frames-art-wall-materials-tinker-paint

For all those who like to do handicrafts at home, perforated panels are perfect for tidying up the handicraft corner practically.

Perforated wall made of marble – a modern wine bottle holder

Perforated-marble-white-wall-wine-bottle-holder-metal dowels

If you are a wine collector, you can organize your wine bottles on an elegant perforated wall. So you can always find the bottle you need and at the same time have a beautifully designed wall.

Elegant apartment with a perforated marble wall

Perforated marble-wine-bottle-holder-wall-metal dowel-modern-apartment

Perforated walls for a modern apartment should be adapted to the interior. The wine bottle holder on the wall made of marble with lighting speaks for a fine taste.