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Parisian style, bright colors and a touch of luxury in a modern apartment

Parisian style furnishing-hallway-beige-parquet floor-ball-pendant lights

Of the Parisian style is classy, ​​design-oriented and romantic. The typical Parisian apartment has high ceilings, French doors and wonderful wooden parquet flooring. In almost every room there is an open fireplace and a large wall mirror with an antique frame. All these features are typical of the old apartments from the mid-19th century and shape the Parisian cityscape that we know today. This private apartment is a wonderful example of the elegant French living style and impresses with its stylish, design-oriented interior.

Mid-19th century Parisian style

Parisian style -decoration-hallway-ball-pendant-lights-decoration

The designer Gérard Faivre is revolutionizing luxury real estate in Paris by completely designing and furnishing each individual apartment in a different way. This apartment exudes an authentic Parisian flair, but is equipped with modern facilities and excellent service. Sound system, home automation, alarm system and air conditioning are only a part of it.

Parisian style in a designer apartment


Opulent upholstered furniture with velvet covers is placed in a circle in the middle of the large living room. Sheer white curtains let the daylight flood through the large French windows. It is reflected off a large wall mirror.

the arrangement of the seating furniture forms a circle

Parisian style furnishings-living room-parquet floor-blue seat cushions

The eye-catcher in this room is the wonderful chandelier, which not only illuminates the room, but also sets wonderful color accents.

Glass elements in pastel colors


Seating furniture with velvet cover

Parisian style of furnishing-living room-chandelier-colored-glass

typical open fireplace

parisian-living-style-furnishing-seating-corner-marble-fireplace surround-pendant lights

stylish bedroom

paris-style-furnishing-bedroom-old building

Style mix of Parisian chic and modernity


Parisian style furnishing-bathroom-two-people

More information can be found on: Gerard Faivre website

Photos from Mathieu Fiol