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Painting wall patterns for creative wall design – tips and ideas


To add variety to the interior, you can Paint the wall pattern. Which you can surely find ready-made in a painter’s shop or in a specialist trade, but in order to bring an optimal individual touch into the living environment, design your walls differently. In the article we present two simple and extremely stylish examples of creative wall painting and helpful tips for painting.

Painting wall patterns for creative wall design – the adhesive tape

wall-pattern-painting-wall-design-pattern-yellow-adhesive tape-color roller

Before you start your creative painting, be sure that all useful tools and supplies are in place. To attach small patterns and figures to the wall, you would need a small paint roller, a special dab brush and, last but not least, painter’s tape. Make sure that the adhesive tape is exactly suitable for painting, as normal paper tape can leave unsightly marks and ultimately no clean color line will emerge.

Painting the wall pattern – honeycomb pattern instructions

wall-pattern-painting-wall-design-instructions-honeycomb-pattern-chest of drawers-vintage-yellow-green-nuance

A visually very pleasant and appealing variant for creative wall design is the honeycomb pattern. A stencil can be conjured up quickly with a line and protractor. Use the strength of the painter’s adhesive tape to keep the individual elements evenly spaced.

Paint the wall pattern – make a stencil


The procedure is shown step by step in the boxes. In this case, only part of the wall is colored as an accent in the room. Make the template out of cardboard or sturdy cardboard and mark the correct positions of the individual honeycomb elements with a pencil.

Painting the wall pattern – position the pattern or stencil correctly 


In order to create stylish and not kitschy wall patterns, it is best to use only two colors, one of which is monochrome or neutral. Contrasting walls look extravagant and claim the furniture is kept simple. Black, white and gray are the eternal classics, as well as combinations of clear and neutral hues. Otherwise, choose 3-4 shades of a color – as in this case of yellow, and place them next to each other to create a beautiful color composition.

Paint the wall pattern – only as an accent or as an entire wall

wall-samples-painting-wall-design-instructions-honeycomb-wall-paint-yellowish-hexagons-adhesive tape

After you have designed the pattern with the stencil and pencil, check again with a little distance from the wall whether you like the pattern and especially the number of honeycombs. If necessary, you can then add a few more.

Adhesive tape as a space between the individual motifs


Then cover the free areas between the individual honeycombs with adhesive tape. The distance that you leave between the honeycombs when drawing on the wall should therefore correspond to the width of the tape. After the masking, you can start designing with the colors.

Shaping nuances


Once you have colored in all the hexagons, you can carefully peel off the adhesive tape. The paint should ideally still be damp at this point. Dry paint may peel off when you remove the tape and ruin your work. Now you can enjoy your new wall design!

Creative wall design in the bedroom


Instead of just creating an accent with hexagons, you can also design the entire wall. The design becomes particularly chic if you use three different shades of a certain color to paint the honeycombs. You can of course decide for yourself which color this should be. If you have a hard time figuring out how to arrange the shades of color, simply draw a sketch of the wall and pattern on a piece of paper and experiment with it. Then transfer the design to the wall.

Monochrome ornaments instruction


Position the pattern horizontally – use a spirit level to determine the center and straight line


Prepare the template out of cardboard or sturdy cardboard


Attach the template to the wall – work from top to bottom


Mark the pattern on the wall using the template


Create modern wall design yourself



Paint patterns by hand



modern and varied


wall-pattern-painting-wall-design-bedroom-white-gray-fish grate-chest of drawers


Painting wall pattern -wall-design-white-gray-line-stripes-wall-stucco

Interesting wall pattern idea through wiping techniques

Painting wall pattern -wall-design-bedroom-wiping technique-blue-turquoise-chest of drawers

Painting wall pattern -wall-design-blue-petrol-structure-brush-trace

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