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Painting the wall black: furnishing ideas and tips for the stylish wall color

wall color black living room scandinavian style

Black as a wall color in your own four walls? Many find that unbelievable. The fact is, however, that the dark color is being used more and more in wall design and is even becoming a trend in interior design. Dark walls are expressive and show off furniture and other furnishing elements well. If you also want to make your apartment stylish by painting a wall black, then you should consider a few things. In today’s post we will give you a lot of interior design ideas and tips on how to use the black wall color correctly in different areas of the home.

Furnishing ideas for a stylish living room – paint the wall black

living room wall painting black corner fireplace

Black can achieve a lot in the interior, but only if it is used correctly. Like any other dark color, each shade of black visually reduces the room and absorbs the light. It is therefore advisable not to paint all walls black, but to opt for an accent wall. Here, white ceiling and floor strips are a good addition, as they make the black wall color look even more elegant.

wall color black brown furniture white ceiling

The elegant effect of black is just perfect for the living room. The selected tone can strongly influence the atmosphere in the room and plays a decisive role in the overall effect of the room. Black tones with a lot of depth have a golden shimmer when exposed to light, as they absorb the light. These combine wonderfully with furniture in earth or cream tones and create a homely feeling.

painting wall black and black living room white furniture

Other black tones, on the other hand, reflect the light instead of absorbing it and have a rather cool effect in the room. In combination with white furnishings, the popular Scandinavian flair is lent in the living room, which has become more and more popular in modern interior design in recent years. But the furnishings should also be in the Scandinavian style. If you paint the wall black, contrasting furniture usually comes into its own.

wall color black anthracite gray furniture white window frames

But what colors do you use to furnish a living room with a black wall? There is no clear answer to this question. Black is particularly versatile and combines well with any other color. For a harmonious overall picture, however, it is recommended to add more black accents here and there in the room. You can decide for yourself whether as a motif for the sofa cushions, a color for the pendant lights or a pattern for the carpet.

black wall paint ceiling blinds dramatic look living room

Under certain circumstances, black can be used as a complete look in the living room. For this, the dark elements should predominate in the furnishing and the floor covering should have a lighter, warm tone. In this case, the right lighting also plays a decisive role. Such a dramatic interior design is especially considered when designing bachelor apartments.

black tv black wall tone-on-tone look living room

Tip: If a large television is hanging on the wall in the living room, it quickly becomes a highlight in the room. So that the TV does not dominate the room, you can choose black as the color for the corresponding wall. Thus, the wall acts like a camouflage for the television and both visually merge with one another. You can achieve a similar effect with a black fireplace. If the wall above the fireplace is painted black, then the accent is set on the dancing flames.

Wall color black in kitchen and dining area

dining room wall painting black abstract wall decoration

However, black as a wall color is not only suitable in the living room. Other areas of the home can also benefit from a black wall. The dining area (both as part of an open living area and as a separate room) can be beautifully presented with a dark wall and made modern and extremely elegant.

dining room wall painting ideas black wall decoration world map

Regardless of whether you just paint one wall black or design the entire dining area in the dark color, you should still think about the right furniture. Black can be combined with any color, but there are color combinations that just look great. The combination with light brown or wood tones ensures a particularly homely feeling in the room. Pastel colors, on the other hand, bring a lot of warmth to the dark wall and enhance each other with black tones. As a rule, light colors look bright against the dark wall and are always a good choice for combining with black.

kitchen wall painting black white kitchen fronts

In the kitchen, black walls look glamorous and transform the otherwise boring living area into a stylish room. Anyone who stands for graphic, high-contrast room design opts for the timeless color duo – black and white. The room looks elegant and every small element is set in scene.

kitchen wall black painting copper wood accents wall shelves

If you want to paint a wall in the kitchen black, then a silk-gloss color is the right choice. Matt colors look very noble, but they react to every touch. Therefore, they are particularly suitable in rooms such as the living room, in which the walls are almost not stressed. For the kitchen, on the other hand, a more robust wall paint is recommended, which is also washable.

Paint the wall black in the bedroom

wall color black bedroom accents yellow

Are you looking for inspiration for color design in the bedroom? Then you can really refine the room with black as a wall color. In this area, the same applies as in the living room: It is better to paint just one wall black and combine it with matching color accents. If too much of the dark tone is used in the bedroom, the whole room design will ultimately look too dramatic.

bedroom wall paint black room design idea

If black just grows over your head for the whole wall, you can opt for a two-tone wall design. Whether simple black stripes on a white or colored wall or another pattern of your choice, everything looks simply classy in combination with the black color.

black wall color bedroom stylish

If you want to integrate black successfully into the bedroom, then you should never leave the black wall bare. Pendant lights in metallic tones, colorful wall decorations, picture frames and contrasting shelves look just great against the wall and give the bedroom a perfect look.

Tip: A black wall is the perfect background for pictures and works of art.

Design the home office with a black wall

painting home office wall black tips

Today almost every apartment has a small area that is being converted into a home office. However, designing the home office is not an easy task and colors, in particular, can greatly influence the work process. But if you paint the wall black, then wall shelves or pin boards can be put in the limelight immediately. The black color also helps with focus, which makes it perfect for that area.

black paint blackboard which room

Another cool use for black in the home office is in the form of blackboard paint. On such a wall you can write notes, create a to-do list or just get creative. The black board wall is not only suitable for the home office, but also for the kitchen, dining area or children’s room.

Paint the wall black in the hallway

dark wall color hallway reading corner photo wall picture frame

Corridors and hallways are often used to display various objects or souvenir photos. The black color is simply excellent for this purpose. In front of a black wall, decorations and picture frames look very nice and immediately catch the eye.

Tip: Combine the black wall with accessories made of copper, brass, silver or gold to set classy accents. They reflect the light and really bring out the dark wall color.