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Painting and renovating the stairwell – 63 ideas and examples of colors

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You are planning a renovation in the living room, kitchen or bathroom. But aren’t you forgetting something? The stairwell is often a bit neglected because it is a passage room and is not inhabited in the real sense of the word. But similar to the hallway, it makes the first impression for the house and its residents, the guests are welcomed there, you feel at home after entering the front door. Which is why when you are planning a redesign, you can use the Staircase painting and renovation start. Newly painted or wallpapered and tastefully decorated it gives the reception area a new, inviting look.

Paint, renovate or redecorate the stairwell

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In a modern staircase, different styles and paints can be put together and combined. Go creative and divide the walls into fields and paint them in well-coordinated colors. Design only one wall in color and use accents with stucco and decorative fragments. Dark, rich nuances such as petrol and purple are extremely elegant and up-to-date. Some latex paints give the walls a slightly shiny, smeary effect and thus give the wall an interesting structure. Alternatively, you can only decorate the tread or the joint surface of the stairs, work in two colors.

Paint and redesign the stairwell

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If you have straight walls without too much damage, feel free to apply nice wall paint. If it is useful, apply a primer beforehand and apply the new paint. Decorative elements such as geometric figures or several colors can become highlights and the staircase an optical eye-catcher. If you want to keep things simple, go for one of the non-colors – white, gray or black. Hang picture frames, these can also be empty, street signs or simply a mirror and freshen up your entrance area.

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Renovating a stairwell – instructions and tips

Wooden stairs and railings can be wonderfully redesigned and worked on. Glaze and paint that has already peeled off should be removed. A lot of sandpaper and, ideally, a grinding machine are required. Damaged areas can be easily repaired with wooden filler or wax. An old-fashioned stairwell clad in wood looks elegant and stylish after a new white coat of paint. Instructions with before / after pictures show how classy a staircase with wooden wall cladding can really look after a well-planned renovation.

Renovating the stairwell – before / after pictures

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If the architectural conditions in the house allow, enlarge your living room or common room and combine the stairwell with the living room. It gives the house a modern touch and makes it appear more spacious and inviting. In doing so, stick to the color combination that you have chosen for the rest of the room and do not experiment with other colors so that the overall picture remains optically uniform and does not appear chaotic. In this case, do without a lot of decoration and use more practical elements, such as subtle hallway furniture, for example.

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When the time comes and you need to start the renovation in no time, think about what exactly you want to achieve – it is a matter of time and money. Wallpapering is a relatively inexpensive option and you shouldn’t be a professional to attach it to the walls. Different types of wallpaper require special adhesives, which are of course available from specialist retailers. Quality and price go hand in hand, but you get an ultra modern or, in contrast, vintage look after a few hours of work. Preparatory work on the surface before wallpapering is required – plan for removing the old wallpaper and priming.

Renovate and refresh the stairwell

Stair treads paint white gray optical illusion carpet

Renovate the stairwell and design it in white and gray

Renovate the staircase-paint-ideas-do-it-yourself-gray-white-steps-floor-black-decoration

Renovate the stairwell in a modern minimalist style


Vintage flair in the stairwell


Elegant and stylish – staircase in white with black accents 


Renovating the stairwell – modern spiral staircases 


Modern design with photo wallpaper and floating stairs with stainless steel railing

Staircase-renovate-painting-ideas-wooden steps-modern-wall-design-wall-painting-photo-wallpaper-effective

Playful design – renovating the stairwell


Renovating a stairwell – less can be more 


Stairwell with wall painting in street style style


Renovating the stairwell – modern look with exposed concrete


Renovate the stairwell and paint it in neon colors


Renovate the stairwell and make it glow with neon colors


Renovating the stairwell – minimalist in black


Renovate the staircase stylishly and elegantly – wall color petrol blue



Modern renovate the stairwell


Renovate the stairwell and integrate a black board there


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staircase-renovate-painting-ideas-wooden floor-wall paint-terracotta-lighting-spits-modern


stairs-renovate-painting-ideas-wood-steps-metal-terracotta-wall-paint-wood railings

Staircase-renovating-painting-ideas-ocher-color-windows-heitzkoerper-wooden floor

Staircase-renovate-paint-ideas-white-handrail-black - elegant-stucco

Staircase-renovating-painting-ideas-wall cladding-wood-white-wooden railing-dark brown


Staircase-renovate-paint-ideas-blue-turquoise-white-wooden floor-deco-stairs

Staircase-renovate-paint-ideas-white-black-elegant-lamp-side table

Staircase-renovating-painting-ideas-white-blue-wooden railings-turned

Staircase-renovate-paint-ideas-white-wooden railing-runner-bench-upholstery-vase-decoration

Staircase-renovating-painting-ideas-simple-white-cream-white-chairs-turquoise-wooden floor


Staircase-renovating-painting-ideas-violet-wall-paint-white-stucco-wooden steps

Staircase-renovating-painting-ideas-turquoise-white-stucco-mirror-wooden floor-railing-steel cable

Staircase-renovating-painting-ideas-modern-turquoise-white-stainless steel-handrail-living room

Staircase-renovating-painting-ideas-white-black-steps-mint-green-sitting area-living room

Staircase-renovating-painting-ideas-stripes-white-mint-green-beige-wooden railing-chandelier

Staircase-renovating-painting-ideas-white-gold-jute carpet-stylish

Staircase-renovate-paint-ideas-white-light-gray-zigzag-wooden railing-carpet

 Renovate and wallpaper the stairwell




stairwell-renovate-ideas-wallpaper-elegant-black-white-floral-pattern-side table


Staircase-renovating-painting-ideas-baby-blue-white-wooden railing-wallpaper


 Stairwell renovation and decorating stairs







stairs-renovate-paint-ideas-stairs-purple-carpet-soft-wooden railings




 Refresh and decorate the stairwell


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