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OSB panels in interior construction – advantages and disadvantages

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OSB panels (Oriented Strand Board in English) are similar to plywood, are mainly used for subfloors and cover exterior walls and roofs. These usually aren’t stained or painted, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. OSB are used for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Today OSB panels are used in many new construction projects. OSB comes highly recommended by builders because of its durability, price and quality. It’s also better for the environment than many other building materials.

definition – What does OSB stand for??

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OSB is a panel made from aligned chips. Originally, they were a by-product of the plywood industry in the United States. Today they are all the rage and are a popular building material.

Types and sizes of OSB boards

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OSB comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses from 3/8-inch to over 1-inch. OSB is both angular and with a tongue and groove connection. OSB comes in both wall and roof paneling options and most OSB companies produce pre-sanded flooring.

Use in interior work

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OSB panels can be used in the interior be used – for wall or roof cladding, shelves, pieces of furniture or for decorative purposes. They serve as an installation plate in the floor area. They have a natural rustic appearance.

OSB furniture

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OSB is durable, economical and can be adapted for almost any situation. It’s stronger and takes up more space than plywood. OSB panels are made from smaller trees that require less growing time, so the material is considered environmentally friendly.

Wall cladding and coffee table

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OSB is susceptible to damage from moisture and is not recommended in areas with high humidity.

with decorative purpose

OSB panel interior construction wall

OSB wall unit

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in the baby room

OSB panel interior construction baby room

OSB kitchen front

OSB panel interior fittings kitchen front

in the bedroom

OSB panel interior decoration purpose

OSB panels in interior construction

OSB panels in interior construction


OSB panel interior construction bookshelf

Furniture made from OSB

OSB panel interior fittings

Kitchen island

OSB panel interior construction kitchen

Desk and stool

OSB panel interior work desk stool

Flooring in the office

OSB panel interior construction flooring

Kitchen cabinets

OSB panel interior construction kitchen cabinets

Ceiling planking

OSB panel interior construction ceiling

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Bedroom with a sloping ceiling

OSB panel interior construction sloping ceilings

attractive appearance

OSB panel interior decoration

OSB panel interior fittings accent wall

OSB panel interior fittings

OSB panel interior construction wall cladding

OSB panel interior construction tabletop