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Ornamental Art Nouveau in interior design and furnishings

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If you are fascinated by the exotic landscapes of Paul Gauguin, the expressive portraits of Michail Wrubel and the romantic pictures of women by Alfons Mucha, then you are definitely a true Art Nouveau fan. Even if you have not yet heard of these artists, but still like ornamental furniture and decorations in an antique look, then it is high time to get to know this interesting style era better. Art Nouveau is very romantic, colorful and multifaceted. We will show you all the features of Art Nouveau in interior design and furnishings and give you a few tips on how to integrate exciting accents into your own four walls.

What is Art Nouveau?

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Art Nouveau is the German term for the internationally significant style that spread across large parts of Europe at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries (from approx. 1895 to 1914). The art epoch expresses itself in ornamentation and is inspired by nature in all its forms. The artistic avant-garde finally wanted to break away from strict historicism and create an art that was to be new, contemporary and anti-traditional. The architecture in almost all western, but also numerous Eastern European countries was influenced by Art Nouveau. Even everyday objects and technical constructions should be adorned and embellished. So vases, furniture and jewelry were made that had ornamental shapes and curved lines.

Difference between Art Nouveau, Art Nouveau and Art Deco

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The style has very different names in different countries. Art Nouveau is the name for Art Nouveau in France. In Spain and Catalonia it is called “Modernism”, in Austria “Viennese Secession Style”, in Italy it is known as “Stile Floreale” or “Liberty Style”. Some of the terms used can also be classified as trends in style. No matter what name is used, it is an artistic style that wants to give life more beauty and aesthetics. With the First World War, the heyday of Art Nouveau was over. In the 20s and 30s the Art Deco style was developed, which has its roots in Art Nouveau.

Art Nouveau in interior design – features


The Art Nouveau in interior design was determined naturally, curved lines, Ornaments borrowed from nature and the abandonment of symmetries. It seems like every detail was created by nature itself rather than man. All elements should flow seamlessly into one another and be connected to an artistic whole.

The furniture and other utensils are characterized by a high level of craftsmanship. The use of valuable materials such as solid wood, wrought iron and glass is characteristic. The glass art that was used in the design of the door and window glazing is still considered particularly decorative. Louis Comfort Tiffany’s glass art is also closely linked to Art Nouveau style. You probably know its beautiful lights.

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Floral motifs are typical of Art Nouveau. Aquatic plants such as irises, lilies, orchids, and water lilies are preferred. The bud was also given a special meaning as a symbol of new life. In combination with other motifs from nature such as dragonflies, butterflies, peacocks and swallows, the result is a particularly harmonious overall picture.

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As for the colors in Art Nouveau, you have a free choice. Art Nouveau is very colorful and every imaginable color is used. The focus is clearly on shapes. Even if there is no particular preference for colors, warm gold and dark wood tones are often used. Blue and green go well with this.

How can you integrate Art Nouveau into your own four walls today??

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Self-confident people who want to express their love for art can opt for furniture and furnishings in an Art Nouveau look. The following examples show how the typical features of the style can be interpreted in a modern way.

Interior design elements: ceilings and stairs

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The interplay of stained glass and light creates fascinating effects in every room. This is how you can really bring out a ceiling lamp made of stained glass with indirect light. Another nice idea would be stucco moldings with floral decorations. The decorative profiles can be easily processed and glued.

The staircase is a central element of the interior design. Spiral stairs with sweeping lines and decoratively staged banisters are very popular. In connection with high-quality materials and surfaces, aesthetic sculptures are created that characterize rooms and set accents.

Wall design in Art Nouveau

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Patterned wallpapers offer a wide range of design options and can also be easily integrated into modern furnishings. So that the pattern doesn’t look too dominant, it is best to combine it with light, neutral colors. The color duo of cream and silver looks very elegant!

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The Art Nouvou style finds its strongest expression in painting. For this reason, paintings by well-known Art Nouveau artists would be a great highlight in any room. The reproductions by Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt could be a real eye-catcher in your own home as art prints on canvas or as posters with picture frames. As photo wallpaper in XXL format, the pictures become a real experience.

Wall mural Gustav Klimt the kiss in the bedroom

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In the opulent works of Gustav Klimt, figures and ornaments merge into compositions of unique sensuality. His most famous painting is “The Kiss”.

Alphonse Mucha Poster “The Four Seasons”

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The Czech artist Alphonse Mucha is one of the best-known representatives of international Art Nouveau. In his paintings he stylizes beautiful women into an ornament of timeless aesthetics.

Art Nouveau lamps

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The Art Nouveau lamps, whose shades mostly consist of colored pieces of glass that are soldered together, are particularly valued to this day. This technique was invented by the US painter and glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, which is why these special lights also bear his name. A table lamp in the Tiffany style harmonizes wonderfully with a floral carpet and a wall mirror with lavishly decorated frames.

Art Nouveau tiles

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By using Art Nouveau tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen, you can bring art into everyday life. Decorative, curved lines and floral ornaments create a true work of art on walls and floors.

Ornate bed headboard

art nouveau-art-nouvou-bedroom-bed-chandelier

Even if you cannot afford real furniture from the Art Nouveau period, there are numerous options for interpreting the romantic ornamentation in a modern way. The filigree decorations on this headboard, for example, look like an artfully painted ornament in Art Nouveau style.

Art Nouveau pattern

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With these templates you can give any object a romantic Art Nouveau look. The simple motifs are perfect for stenciling walls, furniture and all smaller objects. To do this, you have to cut out the inner surfaces of the motif with a cutter. The intricate ornaments can be transferred as patterns for stained glass. With a gloss paint marker you can trace the contours and then fill in the areas of the motifs with color. So you can make a painted glass window yourself or artfully decorate other glass panes. Your imagination is the limit!

Art nouveau-pattern-stencil-template-flower-motifs

Tip: Use a maximum of three colors in unequal proportions for stained glass, e.g. 50-30-20. Freedom in the interpretation of plant images is allowed, but the lines should look natural. The use of black outlines in combination with light colors is very popular.

art nouveau-flower-ornaments-template-stencil

Art nouveau grapevine rose motif template

art nouveau-templates-ornaments-flowers-roses-tendrils

art nouveau-templates-butterfly-dragonfly-peacock-fish-seahorse

art nouveau-flower-ornaments-rose-tendrils

art nouveau-figure-woman-template-stencil

art nouveau ornaments stencil frame

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