Interior design

Original wine rack design idea in an apartment in Kiev

idea wine rack design wood staebe sideboard rustic accent window

For this apartment with more original Wine rack design idea A redesign was carried out by the design company SVOYA Studio, in which the three-room apartment became a two-room apartment. In this way, the customer’s request was met and more spacious rooms achieved. This created a larger living area that is now open. This includes the living room, the kitchen and a dining area. The bedroom has its own bathroom and space for a large wardrobe.

Wine rack design idea made of wooden sticks

idea wine rack design kitchen dresser turquoise buffet counter bar stool

The use of exclusively natural materials is also striking. That was another wish of the customers, who wanted a natural and cozy atmosphere. A highlight in the interior is the already mentioned wine rack design idea. It was designed from wooden sticks that were integrated into the wall and used as a support for the wine bottles. It is interesting how irregularly the light falls between the bars.

Wine rack design idea and chest of drawers in turquoise

idea wine rack design dining room design curtains white

This material, which undoubtedly creates a unique atmosphere, was also used in the form of parquet for the floor of the living area, as well as for an attractive accent wall in a light version. The latter consists of an interesting wooden tile design. The attractive entrance area of ​​the apartment with an original wine rack design idea is again made of ceramic tiles from local manufacturers.

Original accent wall – a design made of wood

wine rack design idea accent wall wood tiles light sofa gray lowboard

The comfort of the wood is combined in this apartment with an original wine rack design idea with the modern look of the concrete. It is used to design the ceiling and some supporting columns. The wall design in the bedroom is again kept simple and in white, which creates a bright, friendly room.

Living space design made from natural materials

idea wine rack design living area open dining table wood gray couch

The decorative elements next to the original wine rack design idea were again made by the design company SVOYA itself. These include the lamps “Vpotolok” and the three-part mural made of nails “8526 Strikes”. There are also some pictures by the artist Anton Sokolov.

Dark accent wall with candles as decoration

idea wine rack design carpet floor parquet dark candles decoration

You can see more pictures of the impressive apartment with an original wine rack design idea below. Maybe you can even implement some of the furnishing ideas in your home. The three-part mural and the wine rack are, in our opinion, a great variant to start with.

Attractive wood chairs

idea wine rack design chairs original shape gray carpet flooring

Kitchen design idea

idea wine rack design cabinet wall kitchen industrial style dining area

Small kitchen behind doors

idea wine rack design small kitchen cabinet gray lighting ceiling lights

Decoration idea with candles and pendant lights

idea wine rack design light wood chairs pendant lights deco accent wall

wine rack design idea apartment design modern parquet

wine rack design idea candles deco idea lounge hammock modern

wine rack design idea concrete ceiling pillar entrance door

Wine rack design idea hammock entrance area ceramic tiles

idea wine rack design bedroom bright furniture wood ceiling design

idea wine rack design wall color white mural art three-part

idea wine rack design bedside table modern style bed rugs

idea wine rack design wardrobe bedroom blue vintage accent

idea wine rack design small bedroom furnishing modern furniture

idea wine rack design lighting three-part picture wall design nails

idea wine rack design original sink glass wall

idea wine rack design gray tiles pendant lamp hallway parquet

idea wine rack design bathroom modern glass shower turquoise floor

idea wine rack design sink metal wood accents cabinet gray wall design

wine rack design idea decoration wood carving concrete lamp

Design by SVOYA Studio.