Interior design

Original office interior idea – doctor’s office completely in white


It’s no secret that customers get their first impression of the business through office design. But what if the office is indeed a doctor’s office? In order for visitors to feel better, the designers opted for a modern Office interior idea decided completely in white. The establishment of Dr. Dzingel is an exciting project that is characterized by originality and creativity. The main elements in the interior are reminiscent of the skin structure and the white color has a calming effect.

Office interior idea for a modern doctor’s office


the Office interior idea  for Dr. Dzingel was from BY M designed. The architects studio was founded in 2004 and only 4 years later came up with this fabulous idea. The building is in Stuttgart, Germany, where the agency is based. The interior is an exciting mix of minimalist style and innovative design. The furniture is comfortable – leather sofas and white chairs, white tables and white foyer. The white color defines the color scheme. Black accents create exciting contrasts, light beige and gray pieces of furniture add the overall look.

Office interior idea with exciting decoration


The focus of the Office interior idea lies in comfort. Accents are created by the shape of the furniture and not by the colors. Elegant white chandeliers create a cozy atmosphere. This interesting design proves that the right office furniture is of great importance for every building.

Interior in the doctor’s office

white office interior glass wall

Modern white wall design

modern white wall design

Gray sofa set

comfortable modern sofa set

Interesting white chandelier