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Oriental decoration with Chinese garden stools – 19 ideas for living

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In the last few decades, a combination of western and Asian furnishing styles can be observed in home furnishing, with elements from different cultures being used. For example, apartments with a modern furnishing style are given an oriental charm. A popular furnishing element from Asian culture are the Chinese garden stools, which are designed for a oriental decoration both in the outdoor area and in the interior.

Oriental decoration ideas for the modern living room

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Interior designers are increasingly turning to barrel-shaped ceramic stools, which are used either as side tables or simply as oriental decorative accents in the interior. They can be combined with different furnishing styles and add charm and elegance to any bedroom, bathroom, living room or outdoor area.

Chinese garden stool as an oriental decoration

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The barrel-shaped ceramic stools have existed for more than 1000 years and were mainly used in the Chinese gardens. As outdoor furniture, they are usually made of ceramic, stone or porcelain in order to be resistant to weather conditions. Nowadays, however, you can find them in the interior rather than in the outdoor area.

The history of the drum-shaped stool

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Chinese culture places great emphasis on gardening and landscaping, so in the past most Chinese houses were built around a courtyard. For this reason, outdoor furniture was also an important part of the interior design in China. The antique garden stools as we know them today are said to date from the Ming Dynasty – the beginning of the 17th century.

What do the Chinese garden stools look like today?

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These beautiful ceramic stools have the shape of a barrel and are also reminiscent of the ancient Chinese drums. That is why most of the models are provided with artificially simulated nail heads that are part of the real drums. Furthermore, the oriental garden stools have different decorative ornaments and are offered in different colors to match every interior perfectly.

Modern interior with oriental charm

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The variety of colors and patterns makes it possible to set up different interiors with the Chinese garden stools. They are suitable for the living room and bedroom as well as for the bathroom. Regardless of where they are placed, they give every room a special oriental flair.

Chinese garden stools as side tables in the living room

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The popular Chinese ceramic stools are not only used as oriental decoration in the interior, but also as useful pieces of furniture. With a comfortable seat pad, they actually serve as seating furniture, but they function more as a side table, especially in the living room. Books and magazines or small pots with house plants can be placed on it.

Oriental decorative stool for beautiful color accents in the interior

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If you want to add color accents in your living room, you can buy one or more barrel-shaped ceramic stools in the desired color. When complemented with a couple of sofa cushions, flower vases or murals, they are perfect as a nice accent in the interior.

Oriental decoration with patterned garden stools


For those who attach great importance to the oriental decoration, such garden stools can be found, which are provided with an oriental pattern. In addition to the motif, intense colors such as red, orange, yellow and azure blue create an oriental atmosphere.

Colorful interior with Asian motifs


A white living room can be transformed into an oriental oasis with the right furniture and colors. Here, for example, different colors are used for the blinds, seat cushions and the carpet, which are combined with simple white seating furniture. The barrel-shaped porcelain garden stools are a good addition to the Asian theme. They have a hexagonal shape, are decorated with Chinese motifs such as dragons, peonies and Buddhist symbols and are perfect as oriental decoration for the living room.

The different types of Chinese garden stools

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The shape of most Chinese stools is similar, but the models differ in the various motifs and patterns. Modern designs are provided with perforated petals as ornaments and made from glazed ceramic. Other models are designed to resemble bamboo stools. Some even have an antique look and are therefore great for a retro-style interior.

Buy Chinese stools for an oriental decoration

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The original garden stools from China are extremely rare to find and are therefore very expensive. That is why they are usually displayed in museums or only bought by antique collectors. Fortunately, modern, high-quality replicas are already being made and offered at a lower price.

Oriental decoration in the bathroom


Thanks to their water resistance, the Chinese garden stools can also be used for the design of modern bathrooms. If the stool is placed next to the bathtub or in the walk-in shower, for example, it can be used as a shelf for shampoos or bathroom utensils.

Care instructions for the Chinese garden stool


Another great feature of these garden stools is that they are easy to maintain. They can even be wiped and cleaned with a damp cloth, whereby the use of a mild cleaning agent is also permitted. Then the surface should be wiped with a dry cloth and the stool will look like new again.

Adapt the oriental stool to the bathroom furnishings

oriental-decoration-bathroom-chinese-garden-chair-black-shower-glass partition

The color of the furnishings should also be coordinated in the bathroom. The Chinese garden stool can be bought in the same color as the walls and bathroom furniture, or as a colored accent in the bathroom design.

Oriental decoration ideas for the roof terrace


Because the Chinese garden stools are so versatile, they can be used anywhere in the home. A great idea would be to furnish the terrace or roof terrace with such ceramic stools and beautiful plants to give the outdoor area an Asian flair.

Use Chinese garden stools on the roof terrace


If you would like to design your own relaxation area in the city, you can design the roof terrace in an oriental style and spend the free time in the fresh air when the weather is nice. The Chinese garden stool is a beautiful oriental decoration for the terrace, which can also serve as a useful side table.

Design the veranda with colored garden stools


The oriental ceramic stools are perfect for a colorful decoration of the veranda. They can either be used as a seat or as a side table and combine beautifully with rattan furniture in the same or contrasting colors.

Space-saving furnishings for the balcony

oriental-decoration-furniture-modern-staged-green-garden-stool-side table-balcony

If you want to set up a small room to save space, the Chinese garden stools are perfect for this. They only take up a little space and can even be stowed under tables. For example, if you want to spend more time on the balcony, you can set it up as a side table with the stool and enjoy your morning coffee or tea there.