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Oriental decoration for furnishings like from 1001 nights

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Have you ever dreamed of a glamorous exotic interior in the style of 1001 nights? With the right home accessories you can create a splendid ambience – we will show you 50 ideas for oriental decoration, with which you can give the interior unmistakable charm. Let yourself be inspired by the examples in the photo series and bring an oriental touch into your own four walls with lanterns, lanterns, kilims and of course many seat cushions.

Oriental decoration ideas – spice up the interior with home accessories


The oriental furnishing style has long been known for its glamorous, detailed decorations. And even if the strong color combinations and the tiled floor are a bit too much in the modern apartment – the style can be used with subtle accents. For example, if you want to set up a cozy sitting area in the living room, then you need a low metal coffee table with a richly ornamented frame and seat cushions decorated with natural motifs and geometric patterns. Lanterns and lanterns create a romantic atmosphere and create plays of light.

In the bedroom, you can achieve the desired effect with a bed canopy in warm purple or red color. Wrought iron pendant lights add the finishing touches to the interior.

Kilims are not only a beautiful floor covering, but also a popular wall decoration in oriental hallways and living rooms.

The wall tiles with elaborate patterns in the Moroccan living style give off a distinctive charm, but are expensive. Inexpensive variants are the wallpapers with similar motifs – so the look can be faked.

Oriental decoration ideas – make your own lantern


With lanterns you can give the interior a homely and at the same time exotic touch. The lanterns pictured above are made in four easy steps. For the craft project you need paint and a brush. First dye the glasses in the basic color, let them dry and then paint the patterns with Tulip Beads in the Bottle paint. Let your creativity run free – and experiment with different motifs.

The materials for the craft project – jam jars and paint


Oriental decoration – making a lantern – first coloring the mason jars


Choose a pastel color for the background color


Blue, purple, orange and red are traditionally very popular


Then the painting follows – here you can let your imagination run wild


The end result – stylish lanterns decorated with oriental patterns


 The home accessories from Graham and Green

Oriental-decoration-idea-seat cushion-coffee table-metal

Floor lights create attractive plays of light in the room


Home accessories in the Moroccan style

Oriental-decoration-idea-lantern-metal-living room

Design home accessories in an oriental style – side table


Oriental decoration idea for the living room – place a lantern on the mantelpiece


Oriental decoration ideas – lantern on the table


Kilim with oriental patterns – also suitable as a wall decoration


To the home accessories from Graham and Graham

More original ideas for oriental decoration

Oriental deco floor tiles screen lantern ideas

Oriental decoration ideas – roller blinds with patterns on the wall


Oriental decoration ideas – wallpapers with Moroccan patterns


Mirror, low side table, curtains and throw pillows in the oriental style of living


Kilim as a wall decoration in the eclectic living room


Oriental deco day bed coffee table metal armchair

Oriental-deco-low-coffee-table-living room

Oriental-deco-carpet-daybed-coffee table-laminate floor


Oriental wall decoration living room rattan plates


Oriental-deco-round sofa-throw pillows-fireplace-exotic

Oriental deco Chesterfield sofa stool

Oriental-decoration-wall-decoration-lantern-coffee table-sofa

Oriental-deco-wall design-corner sofa-coffee tables-bamboo-reed blinds

Oriental deco wall design corner table corner sofa

Oriental-deco-low-colorful-pouffe-living room-living-ideas

Oriental deco sofa set wooden coffee table


Oriental deco bedroom bed headboard tiles






Oriental-deco-green-wall-bed-canopy-floor tiles

Oriental-decoration-ideas-lantern-double bed-duvet




Oriental decoration flower box tablecloth ideas

Oriental deco puster flower gold vase ideas wooden table