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NYC designer apartment from Indi Interiors combines art with modernity

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Have you ever asked yourself whether your living environment really has an impact on your life? If it weren’t for that, the art of Feng Shui might not have developed at all. Feeling comfortable at home is an important prerequisite for our private and professional life, this is the opinion of the young American interior designer Brandi Becker from Indi Interiors. Even if not exactly according to the Feng Shui principles she designed Designer apartment in NYC clearly has a very specific effect on us as viewers – it invites you to live comfortably.

Park Avenue Designer Apartment

nyc designer apartment corner sofa set floor cushions indi-interiors

The color combinations that charge the room with positive energy are cleverly chosen by the designer. Dark and light, warm and cold, smooth and textured complete the picture of the contrasts and contribute to an exciting living environment. The breathtaking city views that the Designer apartment offers.

Home design trends

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Homely textiles invite you to linger. Some room walls are lavishly decorated, but with a keen sense of design. The unique atmosphere is complemented with cozy lounge furniture and sofa sets. Practical and space-saving design of the kitchen goes exactly to the special features of a modern city apartment. The current color nuances and decorations put a smile on your face. An eclectic mix of styles or a unique combination – you decide.

Plain white walls contrasted with strong colored textiles

Floor-to-ceiling leather bed living ideas luminaire design bedroom white walls

Design studio Indi Interiors was founded in 2008 by Brandi Becker. After graduating from the New York School of Interior Design, she gained over 5 years of experience as an interior designer assistant in California and NYC. Through her collaboration with these professionals, Becker was encouraged to work on projects that positively influence the personal and professional development of other people. The interior designer believes that her interior designs can inspire people.

Bedroom furnishings – harmoniously balanced

White bedroom ideas Rustic bed sofa park-avenue

Living room seating area – cozy and secure

ideas for furnishing apartment-NYC black lacquered wood furniture sofa set

Living room mix of styles

set up cozy apartment-modern wall art-fireplace built-in-sofa furniture

Practical fitted kitchen

home design trends apartment ideas fitted kitchen seating area wood flooring

Partition wall in the hallway

Apartment room divider-integrated ideas decorating the hallway