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New stairs in an Italian villa from the 1970s

new stairs redesign villa metal white

For this impressive project, the architects Fransesca Perani worked together with the architecture firm Bloomscape. You have renovated a beautiful Italian villa from the 1970s in a contemporary way. Appealing accents and contrasts were a must. However, these should be done in an aesthetic way and with no frills. As the focal point of the redesign of the domicile, the designers and architects have installed a new staircase.

New stairs as part of the redesign of an Italian villa from the 1970s

new stairs redesign villa italy contrast

The new staircase as part of the redesign of this beautiful villa leads from the kitchen to the private rooms on the upper living level. It is shifted and consists of white lacquered metal. This makes it look particularly light and more like an adjustable roof staircase. The new staircase is stabilized on one side by metal slats. The steps are laid with anthracite-gray carpet for safe walking up and down. It gives a soft look and also creates a strong contrast to the white walls.

New stairs in the contemporary renovated Italian villa

new stairs modern redesign design black white yellow

The area under the stairs and other elements in the house, such as the door frames, are colored in bright yellow and immediately catch the eye of the beholder. The functional kitchen is also rich in contrast, with an extended kitchen tress and built-in storage bench made of dark wood.

new staircase design white modern villa italy

The beautiful villa has a special and very intricate floor plan. The areas are relatively narrow and not designed as standard. It is precisely this playful note that the designers emphasized in an elegant and modern way during the redesign. At the same time, the yellow door frames with a glass insert made of relief glass reveal the nostalgia of the 1970s. The bright white walls in combination with the anthracite gray carpeting conjure up strong contrasts and ensure a contemporary overall picture.

new stairs design metal stairs white

Due to the eye-catching color scheme, the new staircase is a special highlight in the redesign of the chic domicile. The simple design language and the bright color combination made it a real eye-catcher.

new stairs metal light white contrast

new stairs metal stairs yellow white design

new stairs redesign redesign villa architecture

* a project by Bloomscape and Francesca Perani