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New interior design ideas lead to a great joint project

Interior design bathroom practical comfort environmentally friendly furnishing

New combinations, creative ideas and innovative concepts always have an impressive effect. Let yourself be drawn to the following Interior design ideas to inspire!

Interior design ideas include glass, wood and terracotta

Interior design ideas accessories hold surfaces together

A joint work between Ceaserstone and the design studio Raw Edges, who have set themselves the goal of rethinking the surfaces at home and their design, are enthusiastic. The original ones Interior design ideas have led to the following end result: small islands – a composite of furniture construction, electrical appliances and individual containers. This clearly expresses the versatility of the materials. Wood, glass and terracotta together form an extraordinary three-dimensional basis.

Interior design ideas bring life to the home

Interior design bath lamp interesting original furnishing

The newly created components are particularly suitable for the kitchen and bathroom. Naturalness, classic and environmentally friendly ideas have strongly influenced the design. The otherwise simple interface now becomes the focal point, the heart of the kitchen, and holds various elements together in an interesting way. Interior design ideas rethink the home environment and research the diverse properties of surfaces.

Interior design ideas concept milano present installation

Interior design kitchen bathroom wood terracotta glass

Interior design ideas caeserstone kitchen bathroom installation

Interior ideas raw edges islands caesarstone design   Interior joint work project milano designer famous