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Natural materials in the interior – furnishing with light wood

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Whether floor covering, wall or ceiling cladding, whether solid furniture or even as decoration – wood is an absolute classic among the Natural materials in the interior. Wood can spice up the interior or bring out interesting details of the interior design.

Natural materials in the interior – light wood is the trend

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Anyone who furnishes with light wood is right on trend. The light wood is one of the Natural materials in the interior with versatile application. If you would like to enjoy floorboards in light beige color nuances, you can opt for oak or beech. The two types of wood are extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting. Wall or ceiling coverings made of pine or cherry give the room a classy look. The larch is a very resistant wood and can last almost a lifetime as a floor covering for the terrace or as a window frame. The beech is preferred by numerous designers for the production of heavy-duty solid furniture.

Natural materials in the interior – light wood creates a cozy atmosphere

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Light woods have another great advantage – their soft beige color makes the rooms appear spacious and cozy. Thanks to their natural appearance, even a minimalist interior can be refreshed. But in order for the wooden floor or furniture to last for 20 years or more, they must be oiled every 4-5 months. Regular ventilation can lengthen this time a little. Taking good care of the wooden furniture ensures that it will last a long time.

Wood is one of the most popular Natural materials in the interior not without reason – its numerous possible uses and warm colors create a feel-good atmosphere in every room. It’s an investment that is definitely worth it.

Light wood as wall cladding and for the ceiling

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Solid wood floorboards in the living room

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One-room apartment benefits from the wooden floor

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Staircase and room divider made of wood

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 The kitchen – with a wooden counter

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Solid furniture – the coffee table made of oak

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Room divider made of wood contrasts with the cold white walls

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Modern living area with light wooden floor

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The wall cladding underlines important details of the interior design

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The ceiling with wood paneling looks luxurious

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