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My first own apartment – furnishing tips for a bachelor apartment

elegant-brown-beige-color scheme-wall unit-first-own-apartment

Who said there was chaos in a bachelorette party? We’ll show you some examples of stylish furnishings for your first own apartement. Color schemes, furniture and decoration for a luxurious and cozy interior design. Let yourself be inspired by our exciting suggestions and design your own comfortable home!

My first apartment of my own – the beginning

Corner sofa-modern-design-yellow-carpet-own-apartment

Before your first own flat set up, allow yourself 1-2 hours and take a look around – try to imagine which flooring would fit, which lighting and which wall color. Measure all the rooms exactly, measure the hallway and the windows. It’s best not to make big changes – if you have a brick wall in the room, leave that as an accent. Suitable color schemes for men are primarily the neutral and natural shades – beige, brown and white, as well as black and white combinations. Laminate flooring is ok as long as you stick to predominantly light colors.

My first bachelor’s flat – furniture and accents

black-white-interior-design-leather sofa-living room-own-apartment

Which furniture suits yours best first own apartement? The simple, single-colored furniture is perfect – on the one hand, they can be perfectly combined with one another, and on the other hand, the interior design looks modern and stylish in this way. If you don’t have any furniture and need to buy it, choose a few of the good quality furniture rather than too many. Leather sofa, coffee table and a wall unit in the living room are completely sufficient. For the bedroom you can opt for a comfortable bed and a large wardrobe.

My first apartment – decoration

Bachelor apartment bedroom natural stone wall

The best decoration for that first own apartement  is an interesting lighting / paper lamp /, African wooden statues or picture on the wall. A bookshelf with colored books or a carpet / for example yellow / that contrasts with the furnishings and flooring can be used as accents.

Fireplace in the living room and paper lamp as a decoration

Bachelor apartment living room design

First own apartment – color scheme

Bachelor Flat Design Coffee Table

Bachelorette flat – picture and guitar as decoration


Ceiling lighting in the living room

modern-living room-roof-lighting-first-apartment