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Mosaic tiles in green – 50 design ideas


When interior designers want to add extra shine to a room and add color accents at the same time, they opt for mosaic tiles. They refine the interior in no time and spice up simple furnishings. Mosaic tiles in green are particularly popular – the color can be easily combined with other natural nuances and makes the room appear open and inviting. The design options are practically endless – whether as wall cladding in the bathroom, as an accent in niches and corners in the living room, as a splash guard in the kitchen, or flooring for the terrace – the tiles cut a fine figure everywhere.

Mosaic tiles in green – in plain color or rather with patterns?


As already mentioned, the green mosaic tiles can be easily combined with other colors – this is why most manufacturers offer a wide variety of designer patterns – especially floral motifs, grass and other patterns inspired by nature characterize the collections of renowned brands such as Bisazza. The large motifs automatically catch the eye and are designed as accents in the living area, bedroom or hallway. But they also quickly become eye-catchers in the modern bathroom, unless the other walls are deliberately kept simple.

Mosaic tiles in green for the bathroom – gradient

Mosaic tiles in green - Mediterranean bathroom ideas

The green mosaic tiles are imaginatively staged in the bathroom – the so-called color gradient is very popular here. In order to achieve the desired effect, several nuances of a color are selected and applied to the wall. The experts advise that at the very top – the lightest, and at the bottom – the darkest shade. This makes the room look bigger.

The Bisazza collection – charming floral patterns

Mosaic Tile-Green-Floral Pattern-Ideas-Wall Design-Bedroom

Stylish shimmering grass-green mosaic tiles on the wall in the cabinet


Mosaic tiles in white and green in the bathroom

Mosaic tiles in green and white pattern-modern bathroom design

Stylish flooring for the terrace – mosaic tiles in green and yellow


Laying the pool with mosaic tiles – a stylish design idea


Green-blue mosaic tiles – modern design of the shower cubicle


Lay the pool with shimmering gold-green mosaic tiles

Mosaic-tiles-green-roof terrace-relocating-pool

Gym and indoor pool with mosaic tiles


To the collection of Bisazza

The collection of Mosaicopiu- noble mosaic tiles for inside and outside

Mosaic-tiles-green-bathroom-bench-shower cabin-frosted glass

Mosaic tiles in green with natural motifs for the indoor pool


Cover the retaining wall in the garden with mosaic tiles

Mosaic-tiles-green-pool-retaining wall-garden-design

Modern wall design in the living room – with mosaic tiles in green, beige and gray


Retro dining room with light green mosaic tiles on the wall


Dining room wall design – mosaic tiles in green and white


Mosaic tiles-green-design-wall-decoration-ideas

To the designs of Mosaicopiu

The Trend Group collection


Wall design in the bathroom – wave from mosaic tiles


Stylish bathroom design with mosaic tiles in green, came and dark blue


Mosaic-tiles-green-glass-countertop basin-shower cubicle-flush with the floor

Mosaic Tiles Green Indoor Pool Motifs Pattern


Mosaic-Tile-Green-Bathroom-Shower-Cabin-Glatuer-Stainless Steel Handle




To the designs from Trendgroup

Mosaic tiles in pale green by Atlas Concorde

Mosaic-tiles-green-glittering-surface-bathroom-corner-wooden furniture

Laying mosaic tiles on the wall in the bathroom



To the designs of Atlas Concorde

Mosaic tiles in designer bathrooms


Mosaic-tiles-green-shower-cubicle-ideas-bathroom design


Mosaic-tiles-green-kitchen back wall-ideas-modern-apartment

Mosaic-tiles-green-living-room-living-ideas-natural colors


Mosaic-tiles-green-countertop basin-ceramic

Mosaic-tiles-green-wall-design-ideas-glass cabinet-bathtub-natural stone

Mosaic-tiles-green-vanity-built-in washbasin


Mosaic-tiles-green-modern-light-bathroom-wooden furniture


Mosaic-tiles-green-wood-base cabinet-concrete-floor




Mosaic-tiles-green-skylights-wooden frames-white bathroom furniture

Mosaic-tiles-green-bathroom-base cabinet-wood