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Modern stairs inspired by kids slide – 11 great designs

Modern stairs -children-slide-design-treehouse-garden

Contemporary design strives to be able to offer the user a little more. Something that is useful and looks attractive is usually not enough to make a project stand out from the crowd. The wit in the design is a sticking point, which draws attention and is crucial. This fact can be seen in the next 11 designs. Modern stairs are interpreted as amusing facilities for big and small and a real highlight.

Modern stairs inspired by the traditional children’s slide

Modern stairs -children-slide-design-metal-tree house

What is common between stairs and slide is that they allow you to overcome the height. However, one of these is more intended for children, who are also fed up with the boring facilities that are available in every park. A tree house with a modern design offers 18.5 square meters of space for interactive outdoor games. Sharon Davis Design’s project creates a relationship between tradition and modernity, but intended for children.

Modern stairs – wooden construction for one-room apartment or play room


Functional modern stairs optimize the space and if the room height allows it, the living space can almost be doubled. These mostly complex constructions can mainly be made from wood, as the material is accessible and easy to work with. On the other hand, wood looks homely and modern.

Functional modern stairs optimize the space

Modern stairs -children-slide-design-wood-children's room-playroom

Yestudio realized the next project in 2015 in the attic of an apartment building in Taiwan. ‘My Secret Garden’ is actually a communal space intended for all the children in the house, where they can spend sociable hours playing together. The room was made available by a family and requested a conversion that is designed for several children and encourages different activities.

Modern stairs with multiple functions – children’s slide and library wall

Modern stairs -children-slide-design-stairs-library-wall

If children live in the house, the interior is also shaped by them. For a family of four, the focus is on the opportunity to develop creatively, preferably in their earlier years through playing. The concept for the whole house is developed very playfully with this basic idea. Geometric shapes characterize the architecture and in the interior the feeling of living is achieved through wood.

Modern wooden stairs offer storage space

Modern stairs -children-slide-design-wooden-library-glass-wall

‘Panorama House’ is located in the suburbs of Los Angelis, USA and was designed by Moon Hoon Architects. The living rooms run into each other and the whole living space develops rather in length. The highlight of the interior is a huge wooden staircase that not only leads to the upper floor, but also serves as a kind of room divider and is also the house library.

Modern stairs with a children’s slide – interesting and useful system in the house

modern-stairs-children-slide-design-wood-living room-wood-floor

There is no doubt that it is much more amusing to slide from the bedroom on the upper floor to the living room in a matter of seconds, right in front of the kitchen, instead of going down the stairs. And that doesn’t just apply to children. But when children live in the household, it is sure to be a lot of fun. Why was the staircase in this modern house in Taiwan designed as a traditional wooden staircase and a slide on one side.

Modern stairs – slide from the first floor into the living room


‘House W’ designed Phase6 in a modern, homely style, kept simple but with an individual touch. The furniture is designed entirely in white and wood, with plenty of free space, which of course can be used by small children to play.

Modern stairs – a constructive element of the house


When modern stairs shape the architecture of the house and these are intended to slide, the result is a ‘House of Slide’. The house is characterized by exceptionally rounded corners and extremely minimalist architecture. Designed completely in white inside and out, maybe the only thing that moves the house is the two siblings – the children of the owners.

Modern stairs designed in a very minimalist way – as a children’s slide

modern-stairs-children's-slide-design-white-minimalistic-children's room

LEVEL Architects from Japan designed the unique single-family house in 2009 in the typical minimalist style. It is designed completely in white, in the interior only the light wood-look flooring is noticeable. You can go up the three floors by modern stairs and then slide down like the children.

Modern stairs that climb up in seconds – by sliding down


If a large media company wants to offer real entertainment for its visitors and of course employees at its headquarters, something extraordinary is asked, which has a positive effect and at least causes a smile on the face. The Corus Entertainment Center building in Toronto, Canada was designed by Quadrangle Architects in 2010 and is developing over several areas.

Replace modern stairs with a slide


The floor height can be overcome by the modern stairs or you can slide down. Instead of conventional corridors, tunnels inspired by the tunnel slide connect different areas in the office building. An irregular spiral runs through the entire building, which also serves as a design connecting element, but also as an orientation.

Playful concept for work space – Google Office


If you think of extraordinary concepts for the design of the work space, the Google Offices stand out. Characteristic for this are the different areas that offer relaxation and variety during working hours. Each Google House has a different concept, usually shaped by the city and national culture. December 2012 the 8,000 sqm office building in Tel Aviv, Israel was opened.

Modern stairs or when the workplace becomes a play area


The design was conceived by the Swiss design studio Camenzind Evolution. It is thematically inspired by the beaches and culture of Israel. The focus is on the relaxed atmosphere that should pull employees away from work during the break.

Modern stairs inspired by the traditional children’s slide 


The next project, however, is to remodel an existing restaurant in Venice, California. The total usable area is over 1000 square meters and is divided into two floors, which connect modern stairs. On one side there are modern wooden stairs with glass railings and on the other – wooden slide.

Modern wooden stairs with glass railings


The concept of Chioco Design should inspire the young, active employees of the company and ensure that they enjoy their work in a modern, fresh environment.

Tunnel slide replaces modern stairs in a penthouse  


The Turett Collaborativeas Architects have good experience in linking small spaces in a functional and at the same time appealing way. A penthouse apartment in the East Village, New York, has been remodeled. Rooms designed in a modern, simple style, where the white color dominates, is accentuated by a charming system – indoor tube slide is partially open. The slide is made of polished stainless steel and can be used by adults instead of the stairs to go down from the upper floor of the apartment in seconds.

Modern stairs staged as a children’s slide


Modern stairs shape the house architecture


Modern stairs shape the architecture and are attractively staged as an inseparable living element. The MaHouse in Paris serves as an excellent example of attractive design that highlights the elevation to the upper floor. The incline of the stairs can also be seen from the outside through the glass wall. The building itself is characterized by geometrically offset elements made of glass panels and concrete construction.

Modern stairs in a minimalist style 


The house inside and outside is characterized by straight lines and geometric proportions, predominantly in white. The window position enables the direct flow of light into all rooms and living levels. There are terraces available that appear more like green roofs and give the building a new dimension.

Modern stairs made of wood


One of the several private villas – K20, on the famous artificial island group Palm Jumeirah in Dubai was designed in 2012 by VSHD DESIGN JLT in the typical modern luxury living style. Accents are set by contemporary works of art, as well as the contrasting to the stylish furnishings in light pastel nuances, very dark oak wood floors.