Interior design

Modern loft apartment with inner garden and a clear eco-guiding principle

Modern loft apartment interior design interior garden living area Photos by Peter Aaron

Joel Sanders Architect placed great emphasis on nature and redefined the idea of ​​a garden in a hectic city like New York. These modern loft apartment presents us with a dynamic interior design with a wonderful interior garden and wooden floor. The nicest element of the interior design is that this apartment has access to a beautiful roof terrace with a panoramic view of downtown Manhattan.

Modern loft apartment with wonderful interior design

Loft apartment wood flooring wall cladding Photos by Peter Aaron

This environmentally friendly selection of synthetic (carpet, Richlite material, recycled glass) and natural materials (recycled walnut, IPÊ flooring, many plants) creates a balance between hi-tech modernity and environmental awareness. The traditional distinctions between inside and outside, natural and artificial, are easily blurred. In the living area, the designers created a breathtaking flora and interior garden, while a bed of sedum hens adorns the roof terrace.

Modern loft apartment by Joel Sanders Architects

Broadway Loft Apartment Joel Sanders Interior Indoor Plants Photos by Peter Aaron

the modern loft apartment literally brings the outside in. The vegetation in the heart of the apartment resembles a living green veil that runs through the entire living area. The stairs serve as a partition wall and provide access to the roof terrace. This green planting hides the owner while bathing, because the bathroom is designed with glass walls. The glass as an essential material allows the light to enter freely modern loft apartment too floods.

Internal stairs and houseplants

Modern loft apartment stairs inside garden roof terrace Photos by Peter Aaron

Modern wood-burning stove with wood paneling

Modern apartment with wood-burning stove Photos by Peter Aaron

Rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Manhattan

Modern loft roof terrace hens Photos by Peter Aaron

Plan and sustainable concept

Modern city apartment Broadway plan guiding idea eco joel sanders Photos by Peter Aaron