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Modern interior design – simple shapes and soft lines


We design our contemporary houses according to the rule “less is more” modern interior. Like everything else, modern interior design also relies on simplicity and purity. The objects that we use to decorate a room need to be carefully sorted. Their presence would add the finishing touches to the room and complete its atmosphere.

Modern interior design – accentuated by attractive pieces of furniture

mirror-frame-accentuation-attractive-piece of furniture

Modern interior means a harmonious feeling of geometry, color and material, everything in the pieces the space contains. Large and small objects equally have an impact on the whole perception. The modern interior design consists of all these details in the room, which have a decorative function and their main purpose is to make the place more beautiful, rich and interesting. Some of them have mixed functions, such as carpets, curtains, vases, plants, while others have only aesthetic value – pictures, souvenirs, sculptures, figurines. The furniture can also have a decorative function. You can imagine an unusual shape or pattern what it shows. In this way the piece of furniture has the influence of an accent piece. This is the most important task of most decorative objects. Colorful decoration used in bright neutral spaces adds vibrancy and energy to an otherwise cold and sterile place. And when used in rooms that have a lot of color in them, the decorative objects should be more neutral in order to calm the ambience and emphasize their presence.

Modern interior design – bright furniture, colorful accents

light-furniture-shades-accents-colorful-accessories-living room

There are numerous types of contemporary decorative gems chosen from around the world to cater for all tastes and preferences. If you are also looking for simple shapes and smooth lines in modern interior design, see the various design ideas that we have chosen for you and. Enjoy a journey to endless inspiration.

From K.H. Hristova

white furniture and decorative pillows


black and white modern interior

black and white interior

beige living room accented by decorative pillows

beige living room decorative pillow accent

Gas coffee table


Natural materials

black and white design schema accent pieces

  Natural stone wallsimple-shapes-soft-lines-furnishing

Family photos on the wall


gray and yellow

yellow-black-living room interior design ideas

dark gray sofa


neutral-shades-accentuating-pieces of furniture

modern interior design – bedrooms with simple shapes