Interior design

Modern interior design in white with accents in red

Modern interior design -couch-gray-red-ottoman-lounger-coffee table-white-floor-marble-chest of drawers-antique

Modern and classic meet in a Paris attic apartment. This rooftop apartment with views of the New Town of Paris is an excellent example of one modern interior in white, combined with colored details and classic, high-quality furniture.

Modern interior design in white with baroque accents and details in red

Modern interior design -chandelier-gold-antique-lounger-ottoman-red-couch-wall cladding-white

Every room has classic furniture from the splendid Baroque era with curved feet and gilded fronts and edges. These extraordinary pieces of furniture harmonize with the rest of the interior, even though it is otherwise very modern. High-gloss surfaces, gray marble floor and large, glazed vertical surfaces fit together wonderfully and every shape and every detail is coordinated with the overall picture.

Modern interior in white with red accents

Modern interior design-living wall-ottoman-red-couch-gray-floor-marble-high-gloss wall cladding

This chic apartment has several highlights. One of them is the breathtaking view from the top floor of this modern building over the new part of Paris. The roof terrace frames the living area of ​​the apartment, while the glazing in a certain area forms a winter garden. It is furnished with generous upholstered furniture in light colors and is extremely inviting.

Straight lines and clear shapes for a modern interior in white

Modern interior design -wall cladding-high-gloss-living wall-couch-red-gray-coffee table

In each room, the modern interior in white is combined with accents in red. In the large, open living room, this effect was achieved through the upholstery of the couch and ottoman. The furniture is arranged artistically in a certain way so that the room looks like a painting when you look outside. Small details and decorative elements complement this effect. Other accents in the living area are set by the antique chandelier and the fairytale chest of drawers with magnificent, gilded ornaments from the French baroque.

Interesting perspective – an interior in white can be so multifaceted

Modern interior design-living wall-shelf-indirect-lighting-cabinet-modern

Another highlight of this Parisian apartment is the geometrically designed wall cladding made of white high-gloss modules. Like an abstract composition with even proportions, it flows along the wall of the entire living area. Ultra-modern and at the same time classically timeless, this dreamy apartment is a successful design in which two styles create an interesting interplay.

The floor plan can be seen last in the following series of images, in which you can take a closer look at the work of the architectural office Manuel Sequeira Architecture.

Simple, effective and flooded with light – a modern Parisian apartment

Modern interior design -modern-attic-open-couch-red-gray-coffee table-floor-marble-wall cladding

Gray and white with accents in red

Modern interior design -interior-red-upholstery-couch-flooring-gray-white-wall-coffee table-geometric

Combine modern furniture with antique accents

Modern interior design -mansarde-chic-stairs-accents-red-glass-marble-white-gold-elements-decoration

Minimalist wall cladding with white panels 

Modern interior design-dining area-chairs-dining table-wall cladding-white-glass-marble-gray-high gloss

The elements of the interior flow into one another

Modern interior design -white-red-accents-high-gloss-dining table-chairs-wall cladding-glass

Modern interior design -white wall cladding-window-high-gloss-hallway-shelves-floor-marble

Modern interior design-corridor-white-wall-cupboard-shelf-indirect-lighting-door-bathroom-red

Modern interior design-corridor-bathroom-red-accents-white-high-gloss-modern-bathroom

Modern interior -modern-kitchen-simple-plastic-chairs-red-high-gloss-white



modern-interior-furnishings-armchairs-roof-terrace-attic-winter garden-outlook-sun-city

modern-interior-design-roof-terrace-view-city-paris-winter garden-sofa-armchair-upholstery