Interior design

Modern interior design in brown – a house in Portugal

Interior design in brown - kitchen counter-stool-corner sofa-floor lamp-africa-statue-concrete floor

A modern house in Portugal offers a cozy atmosphere with Interior design in brown. The chocolate color radiating warmth can be seen in every room and area. Of course, the house has very large windows that let in enough light and the interior does not look too gloomy. The earth tones are mainly used in wall design, as wall paint and wall cladding made of walnut.

Set up a modern interior design in brown with traditional furniture from the region

Interior design in brown - kalim carpet - armchair - leather - light gray - wall shelf - dining table - chair - window wall

The somewhat darker wall design, such as the wall color brown or the wall cladding made of dark walnut, requires large, open spaces and sufficient natural light. Materials from the region always bring a cozy and special atmosphere into the house. And you can find them here too. The traditional, patterned carpet, the folding chairs made of unprocessed and only oiled wood and the large library cabinet complete the typical Portuguese ambience.

Interior design in brown with rustic furniture and objects made of real wood

Room design in brown - wall shelf - books - kilim carpet - wood - dark - folding chairs

The concrete floor and the large windows that shape the facade of the house look particularly modern in combination with the rustic furniture. The building is in the immediate vicinity of the sea coast, but somewhat isolated from the city. Viewed from the outside, it consists of an extraordinary and very natural-looking terracotta color, which is in harmony with the modern room design in brown on the inside. A certain wood look is created both inside and outside, which goes well with the surrounding forest and nature. This cozy atmosphere can be seen in every room.

Cozy corner next to the library cabinet 

Interior design in brown - armchair - footstool - ottoman - leather - light gray - library cabinet

Table decorations made from natural materials

Interior design in brown -living room-dining table-table decoration-meis-chairs

A library cabinet doesn’t just hold books

Interior design in Braun -library cabinet-living room-books-decoration-bottles-figures

Wall cladding made of walnut and traditional carpet for a cozy atmosphere

Interior design in brown -dining-table-chairs-climate carpet-ornaments-window wall-bushes

Traditional, handcrafted figures made of dark wood

room design-brown-africa-figure-statue-chairs-dining table-floor lamp

Large casual corner sofa

room design-brown-living room-corner-sofa-upholstery-gray-open-planning-window-wall

Kitchen with sink and concrete worktop

room design-brown-sink-window-outlook-kitchen-extractor-design

Cabinet fronts made of real walnut in the kitchen

room design-brown-kitchen-sink-kitchen cabinets-oven-window

room design-brown-kitchen counter-walnut-stool-black-wall cladding-concrete floor

room design-brown-kitchen-stove-duns extractor-steel-plate-concrete-plaster-window

room design-brown-concrete-floor-bedroom-window-wall-bed-bedspread-turquoise-wall-paint

room design-brown-bedroom-wall-paint-ceiling-turquoise-chair-floor lamp-window-wall-view-city-sea

room design-brown-bedroom-wall cladding-walnut-bedspread-traditional

room design-brown-bedroom-window-wall-outlook-africa-fugur-floor lamp-outlook

room design-brown-corridor-concrete-floor-wall-cladding-wood-walnut-lighting

room design-brown-bathroom-plaster-concrete-gray-mirror-sink-rectangular

room design-brown-bathroom-towels-stool-wood-concrete-plaster

room design-brown-swimming-pool-parasol-view-infinity pool

room design-brown-house-lawn-stairs-terracotta-color-swimming-pool-forest


room design-brown-stone-house-terracotta-color-windows-flat-roof-outside

room design-brown-lawn-garden-bushes-house-window wall-hammock

room design-brown-stairs-concrete-terracotta-color-bushes-swimming-pool-view-sea view

room design-brown-terrace-window-view-sea view-handrail-metal

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