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Modern furnishings for the kitchen and bathroom – Qi collection by Scavolini & Nendo

Furnishing for kitchen modern kitchen design island counter furnishing

If you want to furnish your apartment elegantly and functionally at the same time, you should find the right furniture. Furnishings are particularly important in areas where you spend most of the time at home. Two of these areas are the kitchen and bathroom. In view of the needs in these rooms, the Italian company Scavolini designed the Qi collection in collaboration with the Japanese design studio Nendo. It includes modern furnishings for the kitchen and bathroom, which impress with a simple yet stylish design. Read on to find out more about the kitchens and bathrooms in the collection.

Qi Collection by Scavolini: Noble furnishings for the kitchen and bathroom

spacious kitchen design kitchen island wall shelves qi collection

With this project Scavolini tries to standardize the interior design in the kitchen and bathroom and to create a harmonious overall picture. The central element of the collection for both rooms is a white basin that functions as a washbasin, wall cabinet and stove top. Wood in various nuances is used as the material for the kitchen furniture, whereas the bathroom furniture made of melamine resin is designed with a similar wood look. The name of the collection comes from the Japanese word Qi, which means wood and basin or container at the same time. The name therefore stands for both the white basins and the wooden elements that characterize the collection.

Fitted kitchen Qi

kitchen furnishings black handleless cupboards qi scavolini

The basic concept in designing these kitchens is to hide the whole kitchen behind two elements. Usually kitchens are always overcrowded with objects that influence the design of the whole room in a negative direction. That is why the designers from Japan opted for the white containers, which both store the kitchen items and also provide special attention. The white basins harmonize perfectly with the noble look of the wood and thus create a particularly elegant facility for the kitchen.

Elegant bathroom interior

bathroom italian design white container storage sink

The same elements are used in furnishing the bathroom as in the kitchen. Here the white containers function as stylish washbasins or wall shelves and are paired with elegant lights. The wall mirrors, which are equipped with indirect LED lighting, ensure an even more impressive design. Modern towel rails round off the Qi collection for the bathroom.

In our picture gallery you can take a closer look at the modern furnishings for the kitchen and bathroom.

scavolini italian cuisine light wood white containers

kitchen kitchen island storage space white basin design

cream kitchen wood paneling kitchen rear wall

qi scavolini kitchen dining area light wood petrol wall paint

handleless furnishings kitchen modern design scavolini

design kitchen white light wood white basins

bathroom design marble floor white fittings

white basin wood look shelves collection qi scavolini

bathroom furnishing modern hanging lights storage space

bathroom design hanging vanity bathtub

bathroom equipment modern white

bathroom mirror led lighting indirect

white basin qi bathroom collection

bathroom furnishings light wood look square mirror

bathroom furnishings, modern, minimalist, light wood look

modern bathroom furnishings qi collection scavolini

furnishing bathroom modern mirror wall cabinets

bathroom furniture storage space white containers qi scavolini

elegant decor bathroom black tile furniture italian

modern bathroom room divider storage space freestanding bathtub

bedroom private bathroom room divider white container

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