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Modern Family Apartment – A contemporary living space with minimalist tones

modern family apartment contemporary living room minimalist living room sofa carpet rustic hanging lamp window

This modern family apartment in Brovary, Ukraine was designed by Za-Za Interior Design. The planning of the floor plan was limited by the fact that all windows are on one side of the building. The main goal was to create a functional and modern family apartment for a young couple with children on a rather large total area. One of the biggest challenges the designers faced was making sure there was enough natural light in the apartment.

Choosing the right color tones for the modern family home

modern family apartment contemporary living room minimalist living room sofa carpet rustic dining table tv shelf

For this reason, the designers planned three rooms around the window area: the main living room, the children’s room and the office room. The latter is connected to the kitchen through floor-to-ceiling glass doors. This is an ingenious way to bring natural light into the interior of the house. In this special case, the kitchen-cum-living-room serves as the focal point of the crib, as well as a meeting point for the whole family.

modern family apartment contemporary living room minimalist living room sofa carpet rustic hanging lamp

The sofa and dining table are positioned next to each other so that each furnishing element fulfills a clever strategic role. The creative imagination of the designers has made a contemporary living space possible for young people, whereby the project impresses with its individuality and minimalist shapes and colors. At the same time, a neutral interior should be created, as well as personal accents for the modern family home.

modern family apartment child-friendly child-friendly shelf wall unit flat screen wooden table industrial design

Contemporary tastes favor various decorations and for this reason the interior designers hung abstract art and pictures on the walls. An example of this is the picture of a whale that can be seen in the living room. The wooden top of the table contrasts with the modern style and creates a rustic and slightly industrial atmosphere in the living room. Such combinations give the apartment more character and individual properties that emphasize certain features.

bathroom mirror wood paneling brick wall brick white cabinet

When designing this project, the designers had to think in a child-friendly way. They tried to do this by adding some elements from which the interior began to appear more fashionable. As an example – rough concrete inserts as opposed to delicate floral patterns. At the same time, they designed other shapes that are quite traditional with a brick wall painted white. Everything is designed so that the light LED lighting creates a warm atmosphere inside and contrasts the cold concrete.

Interior design with classic elements

office room upholstered wall couch colorful color wooden beams window door office chair laptop view residential building sunlight

The color scheme chosen for the interiors consists of gray and white nuances that perfectly match the wooden elements. The designers have also left the original wooden beams on the ceiling in the office room. Together, these colors create an unbelievable effect of naturalness, freedom and tranquility, which are perfect for a modern family home.

bedroom dark picture lighting gray tones brown color combination

The bedroom and bathroom, as well as all other rooms, also have simple and practical integrated lighting that fits perfectly into the whole ambience. In the bedroom there is an interesting light effect behind the bed. This creates warmer gray walls, softens the background and creates a really individual atmosphere. The kitchen is also kept minimalist, while the room is equipped with the latest technology. The living room also has large, floor-to-ceiling windows through which residents can experience life outdoors.

abstract art picture wall lit sofa cabinet wooden floor tiles gray concrete ceiling

With such an open living space, the designers opted for the above-mentioned room division into three zones: an entertainment area, a dining area and a kitchen area. The modern family apartment offers comfort and cosiness during the cold winter days in bad weather, which often happens in this region.

Design a modern family apartment individually

study room wall clock radiator colorful color wooden beams glass window light air conditioning

The interior designers also tried to maximize the natural light as much as possible, but allowed themselves some darker areas that add more privacy. In the interiors, the designers used a variety of graphic elements that enable an elegant, fresh and geometric interior. These can be found on the pillows, the walls, in the children’s room, on the floors and in the entrance area.

children's room minimalist wardrobe hanging lamp seating area cushion desk chair curtain blackout blinds laminate flooring

This contemporary living space offers a cozy, functional and modern environment. The team did an excellent job creating kid-friendly spaces that are also aesthetically pleasing. The use of wood, concrete, and bricks in the interiors also helps make the modern family home look crisp and clean. The expansive view through the windows invites the outside world and creates a place of relaxation and tranquility.

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children's room minimalist climbing hanging lamp bed cushion desk chair curtain blackout blinds laminate flooring

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bathroom shower cubicle sink radiator tiled gray mirror