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Modern expressionist interior design with colors and shapes


While searching for creative ideas for interior design with colors and shapes, we came across a remarkable interior design project for loft apartments, based on expressionism and its forms of expression. At the center of the project by the young designer duo Brani & Desi stood for the targeted use of colors and shapes that should have an impact on the human psyche.

Creative interior design with colors and shapes in a loft apartment


Brani called “Life in Expressionism” & Desi the self-conceived designer loft apartment, designed with an open floor plan. According to Kandinsky, painter and theorist of Expressionism, certain colors have an affinity with certain shapes. In practical terms, combining them could have an impact on human wellbeing.

Thanks to a well thought-out and exciting room design with colors and shapes, different room atmospheres were created in different parts of the apartment.

Modern-expressionist designed living atmosphere

Separate creative-designer-loft-apartment-acute-shapes-color-living areas-by color

The design, based on art, is dominated by a geometry that is confusing at first glance. A white background makes the geometric composition of color stripes and angles an absolute hero.

The colors red and orange in the kitchen, for example, have an energizing effect, they bring joy to life and stimulate the appetite. Strong tones can also be seen in the dining area – this is equipped with a dining table for 7-8 people and is executed in shades of blue and green. Both colors have a calming, slightly melancholy effect that is broken up by acute forms.

The effect of the colors in wide spaces


The living room with an open floor plan is the place where entertainment and relaxation are promoted in equal measure – through the use of strong colors such as green, yellow and red. A color scheme in complementary colors that combine to create an optical balance can be seen in the bedroom , which can be reached via a staircase.

Achieve spatial effects with colors

Designer-loft-apartment-modern-expressionistic-designed-complementary colors

The bedroom is divided into zones – sleeping area, work area and reading corner. Blue and purple convey a feeling of comfort there, while fresh yellow provides variety. The house library and a fitness room are also located on the upper floor.

Expressionism interpreted in a modern way


The duo Brani & Dessi was founded by Branimira Ivanova and Dessislava Ivanova. Both graduated from Kingston University and are based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Designer loft apartment by Brani & Desi


A life in expressionism


Room design with colors and shapes


Colors promote creativity and a cozy attitude towards life

modern-expressionist-loft-apartment-Brani & Desi-interior-design-with-colors-and-shapes


interior-design-with-colors-and-shapes-expressionistic-abstract-Brani & Desi-design

Abstract room design with colors and shapes in the cooking area


interior-colorful-expressionistic-abstract-design-kitchen-with-cooking area

Upper floor-reading corner-house library-creative-expressionistic-design-Brani & amp; Desi



Designer-loft-apartment-expressionistic-looking-bedroom-color effect-calming


Creative-home-design-expressionistic-bedroom-design-complementary colors