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Modern doctor’s office wall design with plywood panels and beautiful illustrations

Reception counter cladding plywood wall hanging lamp

Attractive and modern interior design characterizes this modern doctor’s practice. The medical practice is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The great interior design was created in 2015 by the talented Malvi team. The modern doctor’s office houses the offices of two doctors who practice in different medical fields. One doctor is an obstetric ultrasound specialist and the other is a pediatric cardiologist. Customers wanted a medical practice that was friendly, welcoming, but professional at the same time. The interior designers have been given the task of creating a space that reflects the different personalities and medical specializations of the doctors.

reception pendant light plywood cladding

The examination rooms of the two medical practices and the offices of the specialists were specifically located on both sides of the corridor in order to minimize noise and create a feeling of separation between the two areas. Thanks to this division, the middle area functions as a buffer zone, which houses the secondary rooms, such as the staff room, toilet and warehouse.

bright plywood ceiling lighting in the lobby

In order to underline the double functionality of the medical practice, two different waiting areas were designed, which can be reached via separate entrances but share a common reception area. In both waiting halls, the white walls offer an ideal backdrop for attractive wall design.

benches rooms interior design wall art

The pure, white wall surface perfectly presents the tailor-made works of art by the renowned illustrator Stavros Damos. The murals depicting a pregnant woman, a newborn baby, a tree with birds, flowers and a bicycle fit seamlessly into the room.

wall decoration waiting area trees birds simple

Due to the beautiful wall design, the specialized departments of the two doctors were taken up in a playful way. The modern doctor’s practice also fascinates with its interesting wall covering. The protruding structure in the room, which interrupts the waiting room, is clad with plywood panels of different thicknesses.

plywood panels wall cladding bright waiting hall paintings

The walls with the plywood cladding serve as a visual connection between the two areas of the waiting room. The plywood panels act as a functional element of the room design and were used at the reception, on the door of a doctor’s office and on the hidden storage room. The elegant pendant lamp above the reception counter was also made of plywood and creates a harmonious overall picture.

wall cladding plywood panels light child-friendly

The successful interplay of plywood panels, beautiful wall decoration and the unanimous rest of the furnishings create a warm, calm and friendly ambience that retains the feeling of professionalism.

painting table children waiting room mural lighting bench

bench upholstery modern doctor's office design

pregnant waiting hall plywood walls

waiting hall modern doctor's practice sit benches beige

modern medical practice wall design fahrr

staff room plywood panels wall design desk

cardiologist practice interior design wall decoration colored

wall decoration colored bird branch design

ultrasound modern medical practice interior design simple

* The doctor’s office design was made by MALVI designed