Interior design

Modern decor in neutral colors – Penthouse in London

Modern furnishings -leather couch-stool-tv wall-tv console-minimalist-poster-colorful-workplace

The functional and modern facility in neutral colors perhaps describes an impersonal apartment. But effective items and unique objects in such an interior change this idea quickly. The non-color white, black and gray, combined with the natural look of real wood or leather, create a harmonious and uniform environment with a cozy, exotic flair. This is a calm and relaxed-looking, stylish basis for modern furnishings in combination with valuable works of art.

 Modern furnishings with works of art in the living area

Modern furniture - coffee table-metal-frame-books-plastic-ceramic

A design office from Brazil has designed a penthouse in London for art collectors and a family with children. There should be a place for all modern and artistic objects from the couple’s magnificent collection. Neutral colors such as white and gray harmonize with all the others and bring them to life better. The light gray base as flooring or the white wall color bring restless and dominant elements and details from the interior back into balance. The white walls in all rooms stand for elegance and are a classic solution when it comes to large areas. This means that no light is lost, which is also the highlight in a penthouse. The floor is a homogeneous gray and is only replaced by real wooden floors in the bedrooms.

Modern furnishings for a relaxed atmosphere with contemporary design

Modern furnishings -grey-floor-white-wall-skylight-penthouse-carpet-stool-fluffy

The project was certainly a great challenge for the designers, as they should carefully choose materials, textiles and colors so that in the end a harmonious ambience and feeling of wellbeing is created. The exotic flair that the artistic collection brings into the living room is supported by the designer luxury furniture. The original room distribution was redesigned as a generous open space. The areas are separated by mobile wooden walls or transparent glass walls. The materials of the artistic objects communicate with the surfaces in the apartment and are repeated throughout the room design. For example, a piece of plastic made of matt glass or plastic is placed next to the glass wall and another work of art made of wood is placed in the immediate vicinity of the wooden door.

Harmonious atmosphere with artistic objects 

Modern furniture -couch-white-picture-sculpture-plastic-transparent-next table-carpet-gray

Combine and match home textiles and their colors with Kuntswerke

Modern furnishings - coffee table-plastic-glass-transparent-couch-cushions-open-large

Surfaces made of real wood bring comfort

Modern furnishings -wood floor-carpet-gray-bed-partition-neutral-color-design

Combine glass walls with wall cladding made of wood

Modern furnishings -glass wall-hallway-stairs-dining room-wooden wall-design

The dining area is separated by wooden doors and a glass wall


Dining area designed entirely in white and mobile wall made of solid wood

Modern-furnishings-dining-room-dining-corner-table-chairs-vases-flowers-wooden wall-white-gray

Sleeping area with integrated bathroom behind frosted glass

modern-furnishing-built-in-closet-wooden-front-doors-wooden floor-bed-bedroom-dressing table

Marble bathroom with shower cubicle and free-standing bathtub

modern-furnishings-white-marble-bathroom-bathtub-freestanding-doubled-sink-shower cubicle

Modern elegant staircase with contemporary design

modern-furnishing-stairs-contemporary-black - plaster-wooden wall-door-lighting-artwork