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Modern apartment interior with ornate wall decoration

modern flat idea books shelves

We provide you with an excellent idea for colorful apartment furnishings and creative wall decoration by Ippolito Fleitz Architects.

Apartment furnishings and wall decorations with photos and pictures

Pictures modern art idea beige sofa

An elderly couple has decided to move into a new apartment in the center of Stuttgart. The apartment is in an old building with a beautiful facade. In the years they spent together, they shared a great passion for art and literature. Today you are the proud owner of a collection of works of art and books. Their story inspired the architects of  Ippolito Fleitz, which is the main topic in the Apartment decoration used the art. They have turned the long hallway into a picture gallery and library.

Library in the hallway – creative apartment interior

Artwork apartment interior ideas

The library has been fitted with floor-to-ceiling shelves. Sliding doors were installed between the shelves. Small sculptures have been exhibited in the corner. Large sliding doors made of dark wood connect the dining room and living room. Different rooms have been defined in the other rooms. The colors that characterize the interior are neutral – beige and green. The interior looks natural and combines the modern principles of interior design with furnishing ideas for libraries in a classic style. Enjoy the photos and let yourself be fascinated by the end result!

Hallway with integrated library – creative idea

modern apartment furnishing hallway design

Make the hallway practical – library and seating

chic hallway design apartment Germany

Modern apartment in Stuttgart with impressive furnishings

Mirror wall hallway stripes pattern white walls

Hallway with a large mirror and wall shelves

modern apartment interior wood panels

Dining room with wooden furniture and chic fitted kitchen

Fitted kitchen dining room green ceiling decoration ideas

Cabinet with eclectic furnishings – chic apartment in Stuttgart

Cabinet set up desk table lamp

White color visually enlarges the hallway

Bench wood hallway design ideas-white wall paint

Bedroom with a puristic look

minimalist bedroom design idea green accents