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Mint green and pink – fashionable trend colors 2013 also in the interior

ming green light pink combination interior design palette

The pastel colors are usually associated with spring and Easter, but will also be a popular fashion trend in summer 2013. And not only in fashion, but also in interior design. The color combination of Mint green and pink is an absolute hit. This color combination can actually also be seen in the shabby chic and vintage furnishing ideas. Nevertheless, this gentle duo is celebrating a comeback in modern decor, with many variations that are sure to please even the most critical eye. You can also replace pink with coral or bright orange for a similar look.

Fashion trend 2013 – mint green and pink

fashion trend 2013 spring summer mint green pink

Mint green and pink are complementary colors. That is, those that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. As a result, this beautiful combination creates a vibrant look that is rich in contrast and works well anywhere in the home. Mint green and pink can be combined in different ways when setting up. Either choose mint green for the wall color, or just for the furniture and some accessories. Check out our ideas below and immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of these soft pastel colors.

Mint green and pink in the interior design

 home office mint green armchair pink heart wall decoration

Mint green wall paint and light pink dish dryer in the kitchen

Mint green wall color kitchen light pink dish dryer

Mint green refrigerator SMEG

Mint green refrigerator light pink coffee machine

light pink walls and mint green furniture

mint green furniture color pink wall color children's room

soft contrast colors

Mint green and pink combination entrance door exterior wall color

Schabby chic colors

Mint green and pink schabby chic wood tabletop

pink flower branches

pastel colors dining area kitchen mint green sofa pink flowers

Print Marylin Monroe by Bob Mackie

bob mackie print marylin monroe wall decoration home mint green pink

cute coffee cups in pastel colors

mint green pink tableware color coffee cups

mint green pink paint trendy colors furniture

mint green pink living room cushion table lamp

Mint green and pink pillow pattern baby bed pastel colors

mint green wall color armchair sofa pink accent  pastel colors trend paper flowers pom poms decoration pink mint green7thmint green dresser light pink lampshades flowering branches vase

vintage style rose wallpaper bed

soft pink color blue glass vase pastel colors at home

Paint mint green blue light pink parquet