Interior design

Minimalist kitchen in gray matt, combined with natural materials for the furnishings

Anyone who thinks that a gray interior is boring and uncomfortable will be convinced of the opposite thanks to this apartment. A kitchen in matt gray, a gray interior in the living room and an equally mnochrome design of the bedrooms and bathrooms – the neutral color tone can be found in large quantities in all rooms, without neglecting cosiness. Sometimes combined with warm wood and sometimes with modern white, the result is an atmosphere that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from this color of all things.

Kitchen in gray matt as a minimalist facility

Minimalist kitchen in gray matt and black industrial accents around the kitchen island

It is no longer a secret that modern and minimalist furnishings are anything but uncomfortable. And yet this interior design manages to surprise us. A lot of emphasis was placed on natural materials, which despite minimalism create an almost loving ambience that invites you to feel good. The mix of different materials and textures is what defines this apartment with a kitchen in gray matt.

Natural materials

Kitchen in gray matt with kitchen island and counter with bar stools

In addition to wood, this also includes glass and stone and while some are intended to form or underline the main gray color of the furnishings, others in turn serve to create an interesting, albeit subtle, contrast.

Inviting, modern interior design

Kitchen in matt gray and open shelves for a modern look

The open living room with kitchen in gray matt, seating area with gray sofa and dining area is quite large and offers perfect living comfort. Like the bedrooms, the living room is bright and inviting, which is not only achieved through the white and gray furnishings, but also with the help of the perfectly staged lighting. The color scheme of gray, white and wood can be found in all rooms and is supplemented here and there by black for some of the furniture or petrol as the wall color.

Large living space for the best living comfort

The color of the kitchen in gray matt matches the gray wall unit with an interesting texture

The apartment is located in Brazil and covers an area of ​​217 square meters. This generous living space offers enough space for the large living room, as well as three bedrooms, all of which have their own bathroom, two additional toilets and a second kitchen that leads into a laundry room. There is also a walk-in closet and a work area in the master bedroom. The bedrooms can be reached via a small TV room with gray walls and white furniture and home accessories.

Kitchen in gray matt and the rest of the furnishings in pictures

Matt gray kitchen and large white sofa with a view of the TV wall

Living room wall with texture

Wall unit and kitchen in matt gray, combined with a modern, white sofa

Dining area with wooden wall paneling

Lowboard as a discreet room divider between the dining and seating area

Open living room with kitchen and dining area

Cozy dining area in an alcove in the bright living room

Square dining table

Dining area with wooden walls and a dark, square dining table

Accent wall in petrol

Petrol green as a wall color for an accent wall in the bedroom

Wood panels with indirect lighting

Indirect bedroom lighting and wooden wall cladding

Bedroom with white wardrobe

Wood floor and white wardrobe

Gray and wood in the bedroom

Wall design with picture frames and modern wall lights

Modern lamps and other home accessories

Apartment with kitchen in matt gray and gray furnishings - modern bedside table

Cabinet in pastel green as a color accent

Console as a dressing table on a wall with wood paneling

Wall decoration with picture frame

Kitchen in matt gray complemented by many elements in the same color - bedroom furnishing idea

Wardrobe with a narrow shelf in black as a room divider

Wardrobe with shelf as a room divider in the bedroom

Bedroom with study area

Bedroom furnishing for a cozy ambience - sleeping and working areas

Accent wall made of gray natural stone

Gray bed in bedroom with stone accent wall instead of headboard

Contrast of wood and stone

Contrast of gray and wood for a visual separation of sleeping and working areas

Attractive shelf with subtle decorations

Open shelf with modern decorations in a lounge area with chair

Walk-in wardrobe

Walk-in closet with open cabinets and shelves

Vanity table by the window for natural light

Modern dressing table with console made of stone with a warm atmosphere thanks to a lot of wood

Console made of natural stone and wall made of wood

Mix of natural materials - natural stone and wood for wall design in the make-up area

A walk-through room to the television leads to the bedrooms

Comfort through home accessories and chic furniture

Gray walls and white furniture and home accessories

White couch and gray walls combined in a TV room

Second kitchen

Second kitchen with white kitchen units and built-in refrigerator

Gray furnishings in the laundry room

Spacious laundry room with window and built-in cupboards

Entrance area and hallway with a view of the kitchen in gray matt

Gray and white hallway with wood accents and a view of the kitchen in gray matt

Built-in wardrobe and gray bathroom

Hallway with white cabinets and bathroom made of gray natural stone

Gray natural stone bathroom with industrial style accents

Gray natural stone in the bathroom with modern washbasin in black and wood

Black-framed mirror with indirect lighting

Refined decorations and accessories underline the modern ambience

Wet cell made of gray natural stone tiles

Large shower with sliding doors and black towel rack

White base cabinet for wash basin

Built-in washbasin with sink and large mirror in the bathroom

Luxurious looking, white natural stone

Kitchen in matt gray as a contrast to the white bathroom made of attractive white stone

Floor plan of the apartment

Floor plan of the apartment with kitchen in gray matt in the open living room and three bedrooms

Design by archi [lab].