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minimalist apartment in Stockholm – “let nature in” concept


Here’s an example of how much minimalism can achieve in a room with fewer resources. Take a look at this minimalist apartment in a beautiful green neighborhood in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The idyllic surroundings allow their natural presence to become part of the interior design. This effect is achieved through the simple design of the interior spaces and their outward expansion.

All white interior with colored accents


the minimalist apartment consists of a common living and dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms. As the apartment is on the corner of the building, the rooms can enjoy views from both sides. According to the “let nature in” concept, all rooms are open to the outside through the large windows and patio doors. They look like frames that embrace the landscape. They offer bright green images in spring and cool white images in winter.

Indoor grass carpet in the living room

Indoor grass carpet living room

So that minimalist apartment does not become overcrowded, the rest of the interior must represent simplicity and try to highlight the view. A bright atmosphere is created in the rooms with a lot of white and other light colors. The floors are also light, reflecting the warm feeling of wood and complimenting the light appearance of the rooms. The colorlessness has softened with some black elements in the furniture and decoration pieces. There are also some colorful decorations that add personality to the rooms. This is the fresh, green carpet in the living room that matches the green landscape outside.

Think Green – living room design

Think green living room design

With so little effort this represents minimalist apartment a modern way to design a room with only simplicity, purity and nature.

by K.H. Christova

Environmentally friendly thinking in interior design


Eco-friendly interior design – minimalist apartment in Stockholm


Light-filled kitchen – small apartment in Stockholm


Classic design kitchen


Scandinavian kitchen – white and wood design


White bedroom with black decorative elements


White bedroom design

white bedroom design

Outdoor garden chairs – environmentally friendly apartment in Stockholm