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Metal decoration: a living trend with a big impact in a Victorian home

victorian house renovation facade gray front door black

In 2017, the designers at SWG Studio were renovating an old Victorian house in Melbourne, Australia. When the domicile was modernized, the characteristic style was retained, but interpreted in a modern way and given a chic touch. The combination of simple furnishings and metal decorations create a great effect. The modern, rather minimalist atmosphere makes the otherwise not really spacious rooms appear more open and much larger.

Decoration made of metal: a current living trend

Decoration made of metal living trend doorknob black hallway white stucco

Small accents with a noble look usually have a big impact. They really come into their own when the interior is kept simple. The old Victorian house was redesigned according to this principle. Decoration made of metal provides variety and conjures up beautiful effects. Metal is now a current living trend and definitely an eye-catcher. Correctly dosed, silver, gold, brass and copper bring a fine shine to living spaces. You can choose between real metal or, alternatively, a metal look. A whole wall or large area in the room can be stylishly designed with metallic wall paint or foil. Small objects like cabinet handles, doorknobs, and decorations definitely look better when they’re made of real metal.

decoration metal residential trend hallway white house victorian

Whether gold, silver, brass or stainless steel, metal in any form can be perfectly combined with neutral tones such as black, white, gray and with wood. The tasteful combination of these materials and colors creates a calm background and lets the noble metallic shine really come into its own. In this renovated house in Melbourne, the metallic accents and the old building elements such as stucco and baseboards complement each other perfectly. Contemporary furniture in a minimalist style complete the modern interior.

Metal decoration home trend wall gold brass living room minimalist black furniture

White walls, natural wooden floors, minimalist black furniture and metal decorations conjure up a contemporary ambience that fits perfectly with the renovated Victorian domicile. When modernizing the house, contrast plays an important role. In addition to the gray facade and the black front door, the inside of the house with white walls looks extremely radiant. The furnishings are reduced to the essentials: light furniture consisting of a frame and a few usable parts and a functional, handleless fitted kitchen in matt white. Small furniture, an art picture and other metal decorations give it a chic whistle and an individual touch. The spacious wooden floor with its natural look creates a cozy atmosphere in every room and functions as a wonderful connecting element.

Decoration made of metal living trend brass gold effects seating furniture black stainless steel

Outside, the residents have a small back yard with a small terrace with a wooden deck. Just like the interior of the house, the garden area is designed in a very minimalist way and the area is covered with gravel and mulch. The facade on this side of the house is clad with wooden slats and merges with the modern garden.

Decoration made of metal living trend brass accents living room black and white minimalistic

decoration metal living trend deco geometric figure hexagon

decoration metal living trend side table accents stainless steel brass living room black and white

decoration metal living trend gold brass stainless steel effects black white

decoration metal living trend kitchen modern minimalist stainless steel white black wooden floor

decoration metal living trend brass vase reading corner modern minimalistic

decoration metal living trend doorknob bedroom gray

wooden deck outdoor living trend terrace minimalist stool design

facade fence wooden slats garden door gravel mulch

* A project by SWG Studio