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Luxurious design villa with a windowless concrete structure


Renowned architects presented 79 residential projects and room solutions exclusively for the 28th edition of Casa Cor Sao Paulo in 2014. The Design Villa Deca by Studio Guilherme Torres impressed with its design concept – despite windowless facades, it provides a sunny inside of the building. A modern house that protects privacy – that is a rare privilege in the big cities.

Design Villa Deca by Guilherme Torres


Design Villa Deca is located in São Paulo and draws its minimalist flair from extraordinary architecture, simple shapes and flexible interiors. Conceived as an unconventional building volume, the colossus made of concrete should shield from the outside and open up inwards. A generous 500 square meters are available for living, which are divided into spacious rooms and an extensive terrace. The remarkable flat roof construction is geared towards high living comfort.

minimalist structure


The minimalist claim is guaranteed by natural building materials and raw materials both inside and out. The idyllic residential domicile looks like a huge balcony and an intimate refuge at the same time. Well thought-out and cleverly placed light openings in the concrete roof are designed for a life in light and freedom. An open area for living / eating / cooking is harmoniously connected to the terrace, where a wonderful water fountain stimulates the senses.

windowless-front-concrete-villa-deca-sao-paulo-exterior design

Intimate refuge in the middle of the megacity

The rooms impress with their brightness and generosity. The interior design consists of a sophisticated mix of fabrics, monochrome colors dominate the overall picture. The cubic structure thus sets special accents. The interior is modern, practical and cozy. The equipment also meets the highest standards.

garden-pond-illuminated-wall-design-natural stone-concrete-villa

Concrete design villa in São Paulo


Sunny villa without windows


Terrace with minimalist standards

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interior walls-natural stone-high-gloss-black-bathroom-wall-pattern

bathroom-animal-pattern-wall-design-natural stone-sink

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