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Loft apartment in Toronto as a stage for creative creativity

modern apartment-loft style-brick wall sofa set pendant lights design

The luxurious Loft apartment is located in Toronto, Canada and was designed by Jayanti Lal. It is like a stage on which creativity is expressed. The designers attached great importance to the sculptural aesthetics of the forms. The pieces of furniture selected for the furnishings are not only visually exciting, but are also viewed here as pure sculptures – flowing, elegant, dynamic. The successful combination of contrasting materials and fabrics, smooth and textured surfaces creates unique highlights.

Loft apartment characterized by contrasts

black and white contrast desk cubism modern living ideas

These Loft apartment in Canada is graphically and visually exciting. The eclectic mix of styles is complemented by furniture classics and unusual pieces. The unmistakable chairs by the Italian designer Fabio Novembre, which imitate the seated human body, are probably the greatest eye-catchers in the room and a very good decision by the designer. The first chairs in the collection were made by a 3d printer in 2008, when this production method was not yet well known to the public. The spatial effect is shaped by artistic black and white photographs.

Fashionable loft apartment offers a cozy mix of styles

eclectic apartment chair Fabio Novembre mannequin

The furniture plays in the Loft apartment almost the role of home decorations. The cubism-based designer desk with drawers is a real eye-catcher. Its abstract angular edges and expressive design appear very playful and dynamic and contribute to a dramatic appearance of the entire living space. A glossy white mannequin with an outstretched arm transports us either to a fashion house or a tailoring studio. The boutique atmosphere is completed by unique drawings with white chalk.

Eclectic mix of styles by Jayanti Lal

Wall decoration photographs-black and white contrasting bistro table-wooden stool

Color and shape contrasts characterize the loft apartment. The plush carpet and the couch cushions oppose the strict rustic wall. Geometric black pendant lights stand out, while the plain white walls fade into the background.

Visual effects create dramatism

Wall design ideas rustic wall brick chandelier filigree

Hallway with clothes rack that stretches in all directions

Hallway modern ideas Clothes rack loft style apartment lighting

Establishment with a unique concept

abstract art as wall art - loft style - flat fabrics soft throw

Cozy fabrics and accessories

Rustic wall brick loft apartment design living room set up coffee tables

Abstract art as wall decoration

black chalkboard drawing with chalk wall art wall design

Simple bathroom furnishings

Bathroom design tiles white washbasin design loft apartment

Photos: Lisa Petrole