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Living with colors – green highlights in the interior are all the rage

Dark green curtains living room furniture design

Green is the color of the year. It has a calming effect on the human psyche and promotes creativity. In addition to the trendy emerald green nuances, other shades of green are also suitable for modern interiors. Setting current green accents does not require a lot of money or effort from you. Do you need help with the color design of your four walls? We offer you a lot of inspiration for your individual interior design and modern Living with colors!

Trendy living with colors

Shabby Chic Living Room Design-Green Accents

Get rid of monotonous walls, surfaces and furniture! Living with colors is right on trend. Some shades are particularly topical – olive green, lime green, emerald green, mint green. The current color trends can now be easily integrated into design concepts. Fresh colors attract! The new near-natural trend does without some decorative shapes in order to concentrate entirely on the interplay of natural colors, fabrics and patterns.

Living with colors – color design trends

Living colors trends olive green gray color combination

For a modern Living with colors you can start with the wall colors. The lighter and more colorful the color, the livelier the living space appears. You cannot do without a colored wall in an accent color! Green provides the best template for interior spaces to feel good. It symbolizes spring and the rebirth of nature. Green appears as an accent color in the interior or as a background. In stylish contrast are shiny metal surfaces and green-yellow wall colors, in combination with animal prints and zigzag patterns. Shiny surfaces correspond with soft, matt mint green tones and retro furniture.

2013 trends in color design

Living room color scheme olive green accents dark floor wood

Spring is back with a fresh look. The secret lies in the skillful combination of different colors. Muted green can be combined just as well with wood and metal. The color combination of green and yellow creates an atmosphere full of comfort. Golden and green is also a cheerful color combo that is all the rage this season.

Carpet – a central element of the modern home

Fluffy carpet design-green floor

Green highlights in the interior design

Color trends 2013 ideas green emerald accent

Mint green accents for a dreamy ambience

Wall design with color mint green trends

Fresh colors move in

Bedroom design accents green bedspread pillows

Interior design with a retro touch

Living with colors green yellow vintage living room design

Green patterned wallpapers create a unique ensemble

Mint green wall color design-bedroom ideas

Emerald Green Highlights – Living room color design

Trend colors wall design-mirror design gorgeous sofa

Interior design color trends 2013 – Green as a kick of freshness

Kitchen splashback emerald green color design trends

Design with color

Modern kitchen with green accents - color trends

Exclusive chandelier design

Mint green dining room chandelier design modern

Strong contrasts put you in a good mood – aCurrent colors and patterns

Current colors pattern zigzag emerald green

Colored walls in the bedroom

Colors bedroom double bed green wallpaper pattern

Wall color design

Colored walls color trends-wood flooring-dining room