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Living trends 2018: furnishing ideas inspired by the furniture fair “Maison et Objet”

living trends 2018 furniture fair trend naturalness environmentally friendly

“Maison et Objet” is the name of one of the largest furniture fairs in the world. It takes place twice a year in Paris, this year the capital of France became a meeting point for large and small furniture stores, lighting and home accessories manufacturers between September 11 and 17. Over 3000 brands were presented to more than 90,000 buyers. We have summarized the most interesting furnishing ideas and living trends of 2018 for you.

“Maison et Objet” living trends 2018: Environmentally friendly design

living trends 2018 muuto dining room chairs simply puristic

This year, perhaps much more so than in previous seasons, the focus will be on eco-friendly designs. With the idea of ​​a sustainable concept in mind, 6 model houses were presented during the furniture fair. In each house, renowned designers grapple with various topics: the choice of materials, child labor in developing countries, recycling, veganism, the responsibility that both manufacturers and buyers bear for the preservation of nature. The tendency towards a puristic living environment was clearly noticeable during the fair. According to the motto “less is more”, for example, the Muuto collection comes to the fore. With their expressive silhouette and at the same time discreetly restrained color scheme, the brand’s furniture and lighting are real quick-change artists that can be staged in different interiors.

“Maison et Objet” living trends 2018: restrained color palette

living trends 2018 color scheme pink pastel shades muuto

As far as color trends are concerned, the numerous designers have again been inspired by nature this year – muted natural tones such as olive green, cream, ivory, nude and blush together with bright yellow, blue and orange round off the season’s color palette. Although purple was crowned the Pantone color for 2018, it took a backseat during the exhibition and served more as an accent. The seating furniture in pink or mustard yellow was not uncommon. Pictured above: Furniture and lighting by Muuto.

Living trends 2018: Colorful dishes and cutlery

living trends 2018 maison et objet tableware natural nuances

Inspired by Japanese culinary art, where the plates are color-coordinated with the food, sets in different colors were presented during the furniture fair. In 2019 you don’t need to be deterred by the colorful crockery and cutlery – they will continue to cause a sensation on our dining tables. Not only the color, but also the shape is new in autumn – the slightly worn look and the signs of use of the plates, their irregular shape, which imitates handcraft – the new collections bring a romantic touch from the past.

“Maison et Objet” living trends 2018: The native houseplants are celebrating a comeback

living trends 2018 living naturally

For a long time, exotic species such as palm trees were present in almost every living area. In any case, this year local flowers and perennials are celebrating a comeback in your own four walls – on the one hand because they can stay on the terrace not only in summer but also in the cool autumn, and on the other because they are an environmentally friendly alternative according to the sustainability trend turn out to be exotic ferns. Hydrangeas and roses are among the most popular flowers and can now also add a natural touch to your interior.

Living trends 2018 nature wallpaper bedroom

Not only the potted plants spice up the interior – wallpapers are repeatedly printed with natural motifs. The manufacturer Rebel Walls offers in its last collection wallpapers with breathtakingly beautiful and surrealistic images of trees, birds and even complete landscapes.

living trends 2018 wallpaper nature pattern rebet walls

“Maison et Objet” living trends 2018: Comfort comes first

living trends 2018 return to nature michael murphy

Especially for upholstered furniture this year the motto is “comfort”. Not only the numerous sofas and coaches should be comfortable, but also the armchairs and the upholstered dining chairs – this year, however, the emphasis is not on the ergonomic frame, but on the choice of fabrics for the upholstery. Soft velvet ensures cozy warmth in the cold winter months. In combination with metal legs in a copper look, the slightly shimmering fabric looks particularly elegant. Pictured above – Michael Murphy’s design draws attention with its sculptural shape.

“Maison et Objet” living trends 2018: Ethno Eclectic

living trends 2018 tribal pattern pillow

This year too, interior designers from all over the world were able to exchange ideas during the furniture fair and look for new influences. It is precisely this multicultural milieu that is perhaps the reason for the mix-and-match ethno trend. Hand-woven textiles from South America, tables made of driftwood from Africa, oriental kilims and lampshades inspired by Japanese origami art form eclectic ensembles with unmistakable charm.

“Maison et Objet” living trends 2018: The textiles play the main role

living trends 2018 warm bedspreads handmade

Hand-woven textiles give the interior that certain something. The structured decorative pillows and patterned bedspreads from local manufacturers give the room character and add a homely touch to purist interiors. Combine textures and fabrics to create an effective contrast. Color-coordinated knitwear, fur and soft wool go very well together.

“Maison et Objet” living trends 2018: Retro touch in the Art Deco style of the 50s

living trends 2018 papermint wallpaper art deco style

This year, too, the retro style of living is still relevant – design classics do particularly well in vintage interiors. The Art Deco style wallpaper should of course not be missing in the room. Their elaborate patterns in dark brown and gold correspond perfectly with the reclining chair with a curved shape from the 1950s. Timelessly elegant and yet somehow just modern. Pictured above: Papermint wallpaper.

“Maison et Objet” living trends 2018: Noble accents in gold

living trends 2018 elegant furniture velvet metal red edition france

Not because of copper and brass – this year the furniture is presented with a frame or legs in a gold look. The manufacturer Red Edition shows how it is – its stools turn out to be puristic beauties made of velvet, untreated wood and gold. The combination is super effective.

living trends 2018 living room comfort furnishing wall unit white low coffee table upholstered sofa

living trends 2018 influence driftwood table south africa inspired