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Living space design with colors – 50 examples in trendy wall colors

Combine living space design ideas green color tones living room

Inviting in bright, warm berry nuances, noble in blue or exotic in wine red – the entire effect of the room changes depending on the selected color scheme. And it is not always easy to combine the colors with each other. The professionals at Crown Paint know how to do it – they present a room in three color combinations – so everyone can choose the right inspiration for living room design with colors. Detailed information for the colors used can be obtained from the English manufacturer / linked at the end of the article /.

 Interior design with colors – yellow and pink

Combine living space design-colors-berries-yellow-beige

The living room is the space where the family likes to sit down and enjoy being together. The living space design with color plays a particularly important role here – the right color combination creates the desired atmosphere in the room. As proof of this, the Crown experts presented the same room in three different color schemes – one cold, one neutral and one warm. So everyone can get a precise idea of ​​the color effect and get inspiration. Shown in the first photo – a cheerful living room with a yellow sofa as an accent. The light green walls in pastel nuances allow the noble piece of furniture to stand out better, while the bedspread and the green glass table subtly emphasize the background color.

Living space design with colors – combine lavender and mint green

Living space design with the colors living room-lavender-mint-green-white

The living room glows in the trendy color scheme of lavender and mint green. The colors add a homely touch to the country house style interior and spice up the simple furniture in neutral colors. The white mantelpiece sets accents and gives the room the finishing touches. The pastel nuances are also perfect for the bedroom and children’s room – they have a calming effect.

Design living room in natural colors – green has a calming effect

Interior design-color-living room-cold-colors-green-ecru

Living room in warm nuances – perfect for rooms facing north

Living room design-colors-living room-beige-brown-sand color-white

Divide the living room into areas – the sitting area is white, the dining area – orange

Living space design-color-living room-light orange-white-chamois

The green wall color is coordinated with the shade of the wing chair

Living space design-paint-living-room-green-white-paint

Accents in cold colors – blue and green in the living room

Living space design-color-living room-light blue-white-green

Painting the wall behind the wall shelves – three color combinations

Living space design-color-living room-maritime-blue-white

Living space design-color-living room-ecru-gray-wall shelf

Living space design-color-living room-wall shelf-green

Paint the living room with a fireplace in cold or warm shades? 3 alternatives:

Living space design with color wall-two-tone-painting-pastel colors

Living space design-color-living room-wall-two-tone-painting-anthracite gray-beige

Interior design-color-living room-green-nuances-two-part wall

Visually separate the seating area – 3 neutral color combinations:

Living space design-color-living room-pastel colors-sitting area-white-camel-pink

Interior design-color-living room-beige-white examples

Living room design-color-living room-gray-white-ideas

Design the dining room in cold colors

Interior design-colors-dark blue-white-combine-ideas

Interior design-colors-dining-room-gray-azure-combine-ideas

Living space design-colors-light blue-light gray-dining room

Bright colors whet your appetite

Living space design-colors-yellow-white-Scandinavian-style-dining room

Living space design-colors-cold-mint-sea green-wall-two-tone-painting-examples

Living space design-colors-gray-ecru-combine-dining room

Berry nuances are currently very much in trend

Living room design-colors-pink-ecru-paint-two-tone-wall

Living room design-colors-light purple-white-dining area-kitchen

Living space design-colors-gray-wall-painting-two-tone

Make the bedroom cozy and modern

Living space design-colors-bedroom-pastel green-ecru-painting

Interior design-colors-pink-mint-green-ceiling-examples

Interior design-colors-yellow-nuances-ideas

Paint the wall behind the bed headboard in contrasting colors – 3 suggestions

Living space design-bedroom-yellow-green-design

Living space-design-colors-bedrooms-light purple-gray-paint-wall

Interior design-colors-yellow-combine-ecru-ideas

Coloring bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms – 3 alternatives

Interior design-colors-orange-beige-bedroom

Combine living space design-colors-mustard-yellow-white

Combine living space-ideas-gray-ecru

Living space design with colors – 3 simple but elegant color schemes

Interior design-colors-paint-yellow-ideas

Painting-living-space-design-colors-light pink-white

Interior design-colors-black-and-white-painting-examples

Living space design with colors – hallway design

Interior design-colors-corridor-yellow-ecru-examples

Interior design-colors-corridor-paint-white-pink


Living space design with colors – modern wall paint for the stairwell

Interior design-colors-green-white-gray-painting-ideas

Interior design-colors-modern-hall-gray-white-painting

Interior design-colors-sky blue-beige-hallway-ideas

Hallway in pink and blue

Interior design-colors-pastel colors-corridor-yellow-green

Living space design-colors-pink-white-blue

Interior design-colors-pink-blue-hallway-design

3 exotic color combinations for the walls in the hallway

Interior design-colors-petrol blue-ecru-paint the stairwell

Living space design-colors-mustard yellow-cream-white-stairwell

Interior design-colors-warm-nuances-pastel-beige

All colors are from Crown Paints