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Living in luxury: exclusive apartment furnishings in Hollywood

modern exclusive apartment set up fireplace high gloss furniture ceiling lights

We present you an idea for exclusive apartment furnishings from Hollywood. The spacious loft apartment is a bachelor’s new home. It is located in a building in the noble district and was furnished by Whipple Russel Architects.

Exclusive apartment furnishings with high-gloss furniture

purple ceiling lights kitchen white color exclusive apartment decor dining room

the exclusive apartment furnishings was furnished according to the preferences of the owner. The interior looks noble and is still practically furnished. Light colors and shiny surfaces characterize the living area. A white freestanding fireplace visually divides the room. The seating group offers enough space for all friends. Pink corner sofa sets accents and optically separates the home cinema area. The kitchen and dining area are inseparable. High-quality materials such as leather, stainless steel and marble were preferred for the furnishings. A real highlight in the design are the colored LED ceiling lights and the garage. Yes, there is even space left in the apartment for your favorite car.

Exclusive apartment furnishings – decoration and color scheme

Kitchen high gloss fronts pictures exclusive apartment furnishings

Who said that the pink color is only suitable in the girl’s room? Like these exclusive apartment furnishings from Whipple Russel Architects clearly proves, it can even be used as an accent in the bachelor apartment. In fact – the pink color visually connects the different areas. Pink pictures on the walls, pink lighting and the pink sofa create contrasts and make the otherwise neutral interior look exciting. Simple shapes and constructions and a certain symmetry make the furnishings look modern and stylish.

White fireplace and home theater in the living room

Fireplace free living room photo wall decoration

Living room in white

exclusive designer apartment interior white lighting

White upholstered furniture and a small kitchen

Stainless steel kitchen high gloss brown white color exclusive apartment furnishings

Brown kitchen with white counter

white kitchen high gloss fronts bonsai tree

Acrylic dining table and chairs

Acrylic furniture dining room city skyline glass wall

Kitchen with dining area

Kitchen dining area stainless steel furniture design design

Pink LED lighting

pink LED lighting living room glass doors balcony

Beautiful view

Luxury apartment balcony Hollywood life design

Bedroom with original wall decoration

Bedroom set up luxury design bathroom green tiles

Guest room in white

Apartment bedroom set up purple painting flowers

Bedroom with glass wall

Design loft apartment interior black wood frame

The car in the living room

Luxury living exclusive apartment parking space living room

Narrow bathroom in green

narrow bathroom green mosaic tile wall furniture

Bathroom with glass bathroom furniture

brown wall tiles glass bathroom furniture design ideas

Apartment entrance

Luxury living entrance natural stone slabs facade