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Living ideas in black for accents in different styles

living ideas in black fireplace-stairs-wrought iron-telescopic-kiev

Lovely Living ideas in black were implemented in this modern and attractive apartment. They find themselves in the form of different styles. There is both modern furniture and other furnishings, which by and large also predominate, as well as those in a vintage or rustic style. The apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine and was designed by U // ME Architects. We would like to introduce it to you and show what special impression accents and living ideas in black can make in the living area if they are used correctly.

Living ideas in black – abstract chairs

living ideas in black abstract-armchair-design-leather-parquet

Let’s start with the living room. It is immediately noticeable that it has an unusual, round shape. The sofa has also been adapted accordingly. It has a semicircular shape so that there is a wonderful place on the wall. Another eye-catcher are the abstract armchairs in black, which are located directly next to the fireplace, as well as the romantic staircase made of wrought iron, which is also part of the living ideas in black.

Living ideas in black – spiral staircase


Black is used as the main color, especially in the kitchen. It can be found everywhere you look. So the kitchen cabinets were chosen in this color. The living ideas in black also include the bar stools on the kitchen island and the chairs at the dining table, which have the same abstract design as the armchairs in the living room. There are also accent walls made of brick, as well as with blackboard paint.

Sitting area by the fireplace


Smaller numbers of living ideas are being implemented in black in the bedroom with a sloping ceiling. There, the roof beams create a rustic flair in the modern bedroom furnishings. The high-gloss bedside cabinets give the room the finishing touch and come into their own in the otherwise monochrome interior. However, black was not used in the bathroom. It is characterized by warm and light beige tones in the form of tiles that imitate both stone and wood.

Design a lounge in the living room

living-ideas-black-sofa-gray-round-side-table-glass-firewood-wall niche

Black kitchen

living ideas in black kitchen-modern-kitchen island-cupboard

Small kitchen with island

living-ideas-black-design-idea-kitchen-brick-accent wall-window

Kitchen with a sloping ceiling

living-ideas-black-kitchen-island-steel-worktop-bar stool-skylight

Black board paint

living ideas-black-dining-area-sliding-door-blackboard-paint-buffet-showcases

Open kitchen design


Railing in black


Living ideas in the hallway

living-ideas-black-clinker-wall-wardrobe-white-high gloss

White wardrobes and indirect lighting


Monochrome bedroom

living ideas in black bedside cabinet-high-gloss bedroom-monochrome interior

Black beams and pieces of furniture


Live bright


Spacious shower


Wood and stone look


Black bathroom design


Apartment floor plan

living-ideas-black-floor plan-apartment-ukraine-interior-furnishing-stylish

Designed by U // ME Architects.