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Japandi living trend 2021: What distinguishes the exciting mix of styles?

A new furnishing style combines Scandinavian cosiness with Japanese purism. The Japandi living trend has captured the hearts of interior designers around the world. It brings the functionality of the Northern European furnishings together with the restrained elegance of the Asian interior. In the article, we’ll tell you what characterizes the mix of styles and how you can implement it in your own four walls.

Japandi living trend 2021: An exciting mix of two living styles

Japandi living trend at a glance modern designs and decoration ideas

The Japandi living style presents a successful mix of two living worlds that seem very different at first glance. Japanese minimalism relies on dark colors, sculptural furniture and subtle lighting. The rooms are only furnished with the bare essentials so that they look “empty”. This conscious turning away from consumption is supposed to free the modern person from consumption-oriented thinking and develop a special appreciation in it. Which items are necessary and which are superfluous is decided according to the Mari Kondo method. This is more a feeling than a practical assessment.

Japandi living style 2021 tips and interior design ideas

The Scandinavian style of living relies on functional furniture, bright colors and strong direct lighting. Comfort is very important. In Northern Europe, too, interior designers are trying to break the throw-away cycle. The Scandinavian workshops restore old furniture and give it a new life. New and old are cleverly combined in the Scandinavian interior.

Japandi living trend 2021: The basic principles for furnishing

Japandi furnishing for the bedroom living trends 2021

The Japandi style of living (the word is made up of the word Japan and the English abbreviation for Scandinavian, scandi): As the name itself suggests, the two styles of living come together. And the end result is surprisingly successful. Maybe it’s because both Japanese purism and Scandinavian chic rely on natural materials, color accents in dark nuances and a reduced design language. The houseplants are also an element that connects the two styles. If you like the subtle elegance, then you can easily implement the style at home. You have to adhere to several basic rules:

Japandi living trend 2021: minimalism with a touch of cosiness

Japandi living style low modular sofa and wooden coffee table

Walls and floor in non-colors Gray and white make the perfect neutral backdrop for a Japandi-style decor. The exposed concrete is preferred for the floor, while the walls are plastered and painted white or light gray.

Japandi decoration in Scandinavian and Japanese style

Furnish minimalist. The two living styles are known for their reduced and simple aesthetics. So set up sparingly. First, consider whether you really need the side table or the new vase. Leave as much space between each piece of furniture as possible. This is how the sculptural beauty of the retro armchair, the industrial lights or the dining table comes into its own.

Japandi living trend 2021: reduced sophistication

Japandi living trend modern design dining room ideas

Combine furniture with simple shapes. From the puristic dining table to the wall shelf: the Japandi living style is characterized by clear lines. Such pieces of furniture have two decisive advantages: They never go out of style and they can be perfectly combined with one another. Despite the minimalist look, there should not be a lack of comfort at home. Bedspreads and carpets in hygge style loosen up the interior.

Japandi living trend: The natural materials in the spotlight

Japandi living trend 2021 dining room with low table

Rely on natural materials. Wood, wool, jute, rattan weave and linen fabrics create a relaxed room climate. The decoration should also look as natural as possible: vases made of smoked glass or porcelain stoneware, flower pots made of ceramic and picture frames made of wood add the finishing touches to the interior. Above all, it is important that all pieces of furniture harmonize with one another.

Japandi living trend 2021: opposites attract

Japanese-style dining room set up with a concrete-topped table and wooden floor

The Japandi living style is an exciting combination of Bright and dark. A dark brown carpet goes well with a light wooden floor, while retro chairs made of dark and light wood harmonize perfectly in the dining area.

No glitz, no Gatsby glamor. Straight lines and natural materials with a matt surface dominate the Japandi room. In return, the attractive wood grain and the beautiful wickerwork of the pendant light come into their own. The feel also plays a major role in the otherwise restrained interior.

Japandi living trend 2021: functionality in the foreground

Japandi living trend dining room with vintage chair

When it comes to the choice of furniture, the Functionality in the foreground. You should also choose your home accessories carefully. Decorations in bold colors are an absolute no-go. Instead, choose vases, pictures and houseplants so that they blend in harmoniously with the interior. It is important that the entire interior is right.

Coffee table in modern Japanese living style

A low but deep sofa, a low coffee table or a low bed: this is what traditional furniture looks like in Japan. The Japandi living trend 2021 honors this tradition, but reinterprets the design. The pieces of furniture in small format score with a simple construction that conveys visual calm and sophistication. They also allow some flexibility in the design as they can be rearranged with little effort.

Japandi living trend with wooden table and rattan furniture

In a Japandi-style interior, those are Furniture not grouped, but are distributed in the room with a large distance from each other. Even the large living area is not divided into different zones.

Japandi living trend 2021: color accents

Wooden double bed low and picture with nature motifs

Exciting contrasts are not only created in the choice of wall color, floor covering and furniture. Also when decorating are targeted Accents in black set. Whether the carpet in ivory and black or the picture above the bed with flower motifs: black spices up the simple furnishings and brings a touch of the East into your own four walls.

Japandi living trend 2021: vintage furniture and design classics

Japandi living trend 2021 vintage chest of drawers in the living room

Clear the stage for vintage furniture! From Scandinavian design classics to found objects from the flea market: tradition is very important in a Japandi interior. Restored pieces of furniture give the facility a feeling of comfort and bring a romantic touch from the past into your own home. A sparingly furnished room lets them come into their own.

Japandi living trend 2021: handmade tableware

Japandi living style ceramics for the dining table ideas and designs

Japanese ceramics are very popular. The dishes, vases and glasses by the Japanese craftspeople impress not only with their clear shapes, but also with their perfect completion. Each of her filigree pieces is unique.

Craftsmanship is also experiencing a renaissance in the Scandinavian countries. However, these are not unique items, but porcelain tableware that fakes the look.

Japandi style decoration

Japandi decoration ideas with vases and statues

Decoration should not be missing in the minimalist Japandi living room either. As with furnishing, the following rule of thumb applies to decorating: Concentrate on the essentials. Choose accessories that not only look good, but also fulfill a function. For example vases, which are grouped into stylish ensembles in Scandinavian interiors and which draw attention to themselves with their sculptural design language. In the Japanese interior, tall vases are staged as soloists.

Japandi living style with lamps and Scandinavian design classics

You can also be inspired by the Japanese art of ikebana and display flowers effectively. In Ikebana, the flowers are arranged with leaves and stems. They are inserted into the “kenzan”, a special plastic plate with spikes. The goal: The flower arrangement should look as natural as possible. When it comes to decoration, you should also concentrate on the essentials and avoid unnecessary ribbons, animal figures and other decorative items from the floristry shop. Instead, opt for a reduced and simple ensemble or put individual flowers in the limelight. Choose only seasonal flowers and plants for your ikebana.

Mirror as decoration

Japandi living style mirrors and accessories

A wall mirror is much more than a useful accessory: it scatters sunlight and artificial light throughout the room and visually enlarges it. A frameless mirror fits harmoniously into the minimalist Japandi interior and creates an exciting play of light and shadow. A round model can loosen up the clear design language of the purist furniture, a rectangular mirror cuts a particularly good figure next to a round vase or a chest of drawers with rounded edges.

Incidentally, so that the mirror does not disturb the flow of energy in the room, it should not be located directly opposite the sofa.

Stool instead of chair?

Japandi set up high wooden stools and chinaware

The stool is a piece of furniture that brings tradition and modernity together. It offers several advantages and has therefore become an inseparable part of both Scandinavian and Japanese interiors. When not in use, it can be placed under the table and remains out of sight. It can also be used as a side or bedside table.

 The Japandi living trend 2021 at a glance

Japandi living style minimalist furniture and neutral color palette for the dining room

With the Japandi living trend, simplicity and sophistication come together. The living style fuses the minimalist aesthetics of the Japanese furnishings with the cosiness of the Scandinavian interior. This combination, strange at first glance, results in an exciting mix of styles. Functionality is a top priority. All pieces of furniture are multifunctional and can be configured again and again in the room depending on the needs. “Warm” natural materials such as wood, rattan, wool and linen are primarily used in the interior design. Stone is only used as an accent, if at all. Vintage heirlooms are combined with design classics from the 60s or 70s with traditional Japanese furniture such as a low table or stool. Pieces of furniture that offer storage space, such as a chest of drawers or a bedside table, are raised and stand on wafer-thin metal legs. The sofas are lower than usual, but score with a special seat depth. The futon beds close to the floor fit harmoniously into the Japandi bedroom.

Decorating is rather sparing. Cozy bedspreads together with hand-woven carpets and paravents made of paper give the interior character. Potted plants and ikebanas bring nature into the house.

Japandi colors gray color palette for winter

The color palette is made up of neutral colors. Gray, beige, black and white form the perfect background for subtle color accents in dark blue or emerald green. With a neutral color palette, you make sure that all the pieces of furniture go together. So you can later add new statement pieces to the furnishings or replace old furniture with new ones.