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Interior trends in summer – spice up your apartment!

summer trends interior couch gray wall cladding wood used look

While we are still enjoying the beautiful pictures, smells and sounds of spring, the time has now come to think about refreshing or refurbishing our houses for the hot summer months. If you really haven’t changed anything in your interior since wintertime, it probably needs a redesign urgently. And just like we always do, we’re bringing you some of the hottest Interior trends in summer, that will determine the decoration and interior design worldwide in the next few months, so you can plan ahead and make the right decisions for your summer home renovation or remodeling.

Interior trends in summer – kitchen in pastel mint green

trends summer interior kitchen mint green pastel retro look kitchen island

Today we would like to introduce you to four coveted interior trends in summer, which will come to the fore in many homes around the world as summer 2015 approaches. Exquisite water elements in the classic beach style are now also making their way into the interior. Here you can see a colorful mix of trendy and timeless design ideas. With our 30 fascinating and inspiring pictures with interior summer trends, which we have selected especially for you, we only want to help you to prepare your home perfectly for the hot and eventful summer months!

Interior trends in summer – water elements in the interior

trends summer interior fountain pond koi plants ceiling victorian beams

Gone are the days when waterfalls, ponds and fountains could only be seen in the back yard and in the beautiful garden next to the house. Modern designers are eager to add stunning and soothing water features to an elegant interior, so they are a key point in interior trends this summer. A water feature is much more than an aesthetic addition to the interior. It brings a combination of elements that exude immeasurable calm.

Pond as the interior of an entrance hall

trends summer interior entrance design pond wood bridge plants deco

Even proponents of the Feng Shui doctrine express themselves about the equilibrium that the water brings into an interior. It must be emphasized again that an interior is predominantly dominated by stone, metal, glass and other solid elements. Therefore, a water feature becomes an adorable focal point there. From a very practical point of view, this modern and original idea of ​​interior trends in summer can also cool the ambience in the heat and freshen the air.

Modern living area with a trendy pond in the interior

summer trends interior pond koi fish modern design idea living room bridge

There are many ways that you can incorporate a water element into your home without adding anything unheard of and extravagant. A small pond in the lobby with a glass walkway, a cool waterfall under the modern staircase and a small koi pond inside seem to be the most popular variants of these interior trends in summer. The classic “huge fountain” in the entrance area seems to fade away, but if you like Mediterranean or Victorian elements, you can afford one too! Because he still looks absolutely amazing and definitely royal!

Cool air in summer with waterfall and fountain in the interior

trends summer interior fountain idea modern furnishing wall unit abstract

Summer trends in the interior – waterfall wall in the entrance area

interior trends in summer waterfall wall building hallway plants lighting stairs

Interior idea with pond and glass bridge

trends summer interior pond idea bridge glass entrance area stairs stones

Summer trend with fountains with water lilies as decoration on a wall 

interior trends in summer entrance hall fountain pillar stone wall art

Interior trends in summer – regained beauty

interior trends in summer beach style wall cladding wood colorful bedroom

We have already published many articles on indoor green wall units and herb gardens. This trend in interior design, as well as sustainable style, will continue to play a major role in our lives as we all strive to keep our planet as clean as possible. These interior trends in summer include the newly discovered love of many people to make various things by hand with the look of old wood.

summer trends interior kitchen island reclaimed wood design rustic stool

Whether it is accent walls in the living room or bedroom, a sensational kitchen island in the old wood look, a cool handmade coffee table or a sliding door in barn style, is not so important! Because reclaimed wood is currently one of the hottest interior trends in summer! It fits everywhere even this summer, because the focus is on natural materials! The use of old wood creates a relaxing, homely and very pleasant atmosphere at home. We therefore expect this trend to even continue to develop over the next few months.

trends summer interior wall floor accent old wood modern armchair coffee table stone

summer trends interior baby room wall cladding laminate old wood look

trends summer interior reclaimed wood shelf books brick wall decoration idea

summer trends interior wood bar kitchen design modern rustic

summer trends interior accent wall wood tv shelf sofa carpet blue

Interior trends in summer – inspired by the beach

trends summer interior open kitchen wood living room blue details

There are interior trends in summer and then there are styles that define the changing trends. If you want to fill your house with summer happiness, then nothing goes better than the tried and tested beach style. It’s simple, easy to maintain, and this style will work well for you all year long. All you need to do is make a few small tweaks. If you live in the tropics, it will be all the easier for you to decorate your home in this style. Combine your favorite colors with a touch of blue, turquoise and coral. In this way you can create a chic, calming and bright interior that meets the current interior trends in summer.

trends summer interior turquoise blue furnishing white kitchen beach style

interior trends in summer sea blue beach style inspiration living room

trends summer interior beach bedroom gray-blue colors bed balcony outlook

interior trends in summer wall building blue plant room desk office

interior trends in summer color sand ocher furnishing beach style blue accents

Interior trends in summer – pastels and watercolors

summer trends interior curtains pink pastel black white tiles wallpaper

If you are a fashion fan, you are probably already familiar with these interior trends in summer and know that the pastel colors are trendy in all spring and summer 2015 collections. The interior designers must have borrowed the idea from the world of glitz and glamor. But now it’s time to spread a few pastel shades throughout the interior. If used correctly, pastels will go well with the neutral or even masculine designs, and you don’t have to worry about the feminine atmosphere of the room being disturbed. If candy pink seems way too cute to you, go for colors like green with a mint undertone. These summer interior trends go well with modern décor, but also work well in retro and mid-century rooms.

trends summer interior blue wall watercolor design bedroom ocean beach theme bed

Pastel shades are far more popular around the world. But watercolors as interior trends in summer really express the airy charm of summer and the brilliant colors of spring. It is possible that you will not find many decorative items and accessories in watercolor in the shops. This trend is new, but we suspect that it will quickly find its way into interior design this summer.

summer trends interior watercolor picture bedroom accent colorful bed linen

summer trends interior bedroom idea romantic pastel tones

summer trends interior living room pastel colors pink blue yellow green idea beach

interior trends in summer watercolor ceiling wall paint nursery idea green

summer trends interior dining area pastel colors colorful chairs mediterranean