Interior design

Interior design in a modern apartment in an urban style

trendy apartment taiwan urban style minimalism warm color scheme

PMK + designers specialize in custom Interior design of all kinds. They present their latest design in interior design. The concept is characterized by extravagance and simple elegance in combination with a great design. The modern apartment is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Beautiful interior ideas are realized in this project.

Interior design – warm colors for a balance

modern kitchen equip spaciousness interior design wooden elements

The interior is inviting with the large windows and sliding doors. The boundaries between inside and outside are blurred, so that the inside always has an extension to the outside area. Comfortable furnishings are selected according to the latest trends. You can enjoy the warm sun and a beautiful view of the landscape on the large balcony. The balcony is almost as large as the interior and offers a wonderful panoramic view. The integrity of the materials became an important factor in that Interior design. Solid wood, concrete and raw metal were chosen because they retain their beauty and blend easily with the outside environment.

Interior design by PMK + designers fascinates with greatness

bedroom apartment taiwan warm tones furnishing suggestions deco wood

The house has perfectly furnished rooms that have been coordinated with the matching color scheme. Neutral colors give the rooms a minimalist look and leave that Interior design appear more aesthetic. Modern furniture, high quality appliances, high quality materials and spacious rooms create an imaginative ambience. Wooden elements are used as part of the decoration, as well as some pieces of furniture made of light wood. Fine lighting underlines the character of the apartment and contributes to well-being. The modern house in the urban style by PMK + designers leads to harmony and balance.

minimalist bedroom with fine lighting

bedroom wooden elements interior design warm color scheme furnishing ideas

Spacious wooden kitchen

kitchen modern furnishings interior design spacious ambience hallway

Warm colors bring harmony in the house

interior house taiwan design interior trend furnishing decoration elements

Modern living room with wooden elements on the ceiling

apartment trendy interior design urban style minimalism

Simple transition between bedroom and bathroom

bedroom bathroom interior design matching shades suggestions

Interior with wall glazing

apartment taiwan trendy interior design wall glazing stylish ambience

Interior design in urban style

furnishing suggestions decoration elements table lamp urban style minimalist

Bathroom with closed glass shower cubicle

bathroom mirror large design trendy spaciousness urban style

Minimalism in the bathroom

bathroom trendy furnishing suggestions interior design mirror urban style

Exciting floor tiles in the bathroom

bathroom interior design furnishing bright tiles aesthetic suggestions furnishing

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