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Interior design ideas for home and office – tips and inspiration

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Room design is a very complex topic that includes many different factors. The size of the room, the design of the walls and the floor, as well as the furnishings and decoration all play an important role. The lighting fixtures selected can influence the atmosphere in any room and should also be given the necessary attention. Since many spend a large part of their time not at home but at work, interior design in the office should by no means be neglected. In this article we have collected many interior design ideas and tips that will help you furnish your home and office.

What should you consider when designing a room??

Interior design ideas living room-flooring-decoration-furniture

Regardless of whether you are furnishing your apartment or your own office, you should find out for yourself in advance which colors and materials make you feel good. As a source of inspiration for beautiful interior design ideas, you can browse our pages or plan a stroll in your favorite furniture store.

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Yes, the interior design ideas on the Internet and in the shop windows of furniture stores are diverse and always look wonderful. But whether they suit your home is another matter entirely. The size of the rooms and their distribution play a decisive role. The first step in setting up a room is choosing the flooring. Carpet, tiles and parquet have very different effects in the room and significantly shape its character. The choice also depends on how it is used. For example, carpeting is more suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, whereas tiles or parquet are better suited to the kitchen or office. Furthermore, a room can be divided into several zones with a different floor covering.


Another important point is the design of the walls and ceiling. The walls set the tone for the entire facility and should harmonize with it. Whether a neutral wall color, decorative wall cladding or atmospheric wallpaper, you can do a lot in the interior with the walls. The use of the respective room is also important here. For example, the bedroom requires wall cladding that has a calming effect, whereas in the living area you can freely develop your creativity. The ceiling, on the other hand, is the largest area in any room that is only covered by lamps. That is why their design is just as important for a beautiful overall picture.

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When the flooring has been laid and the walls and ceiling have already been painted, then the next big point in room design is the furnishings. Furniture and textiles have a strong influence on the atmosphere in the room and determine the furnishing style. If you want to design your apartment or office individually, you can rely on decoration. Various room design ideas with textiles, small furniture and home accessories, as well as wall decorations give every room that special something and provide an individual touch.

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Another thing to consider when designing the room is the light in the room. If you cannot influence the incidence of daylight, lighting with different light sources is an excellent idea. The right lighting, in turn, depends on the use of the room and should be adapted accordingly. With effect lighting, on the other hand, wonderful light accents can be set in every area of ​​the apartment, but also in the office.

Interior design ideas for the apartment

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If you are moving into a new apartment or want to give your home a new look, then you can do wonders with the right interior design. You can get inspiration from our interior design ideas for living room and bedroom and even furnish the apartment yourself. You can find helpful tips below.


The distribution of furniture in the living room depends first of all on the space available. But things look different with the decoration and color scheme. The easiest way to achieve a playful interior design for the living room is with color. We don’t just mean wall paints and wallpapers, but also decorations such as textiles and home accessories. Plants and flowers can also serve as color accents and also look particularly natural in the room.

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The design of the bedroom is also a major challenge for many. Which colors do you find comforting? Where do you want to place the bed? How much storage space do you need for your items? What kind of lighting suits your bedroom? If you answer these questions, you can already get an idea of ​​the interior design in the bedroom.

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You can use textiles to add wonderful color accents in the bedroom. Bedding, blankets and the upholstery of armchairs or stools are perfect for these purposes. Room design ideas with indirect light are particularly popular for the sleeping area and create a feeling of cosiness and warmth.

Tip: If you want to illustrate your own room design ideas, you can do this with an online room planner. This helps you not to lose the overview.

Interior design ideas and tips for the office

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Since you usually spend a large part of your time at work, the atmosphere there should encourage the work process and not be depressing under any circumstances. Large companies worldwide invest a lot of money in the interior design of the office so that not only employers, but also employees feel comfortable in the workplace. However, you shouldn’t run a large company to make the office modern. Small offices can be set up just as practical and playful at the same time, which can have a positive effect on the work process as a whole.


The furnishings in the office are usually closely related to the job in hand. Furniture that is by and large needed for almost every office is desks, chairs and cabinets for storing documents and other items. So if you should set up an office from scratch, you should ask yourself what additional furniture is required for the corresponding activity. The light also plays a very important role here, especially if the interior does not get enough daylight.


Although the choice of different furniture and their distribution depends on the boss, employees can still contribute to a beautiful room design with decoration. Indoor plants should not be missing in any office, because they make the room look more natural and at the same time improve the air quality. Different wall decorations also offer great room design ideas for the office and can have a positive effect on productivity.

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If the size of the office allows it, you should also consider a break room or the so-called common room for the office. There the employees can chat and enjoy lunch together. The furnishings in this room can be playful and should invite you to linger. In addition to dining tables and chairs, a few comfortable armchairs and stools should also not be missing.