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Integrating a bed in the living room – 3 one-room apartments as inspiration

The bed in the living room integrates a room divider-shelf-white-modern-sleeping area

A one-room apartment is without question well suited for singles. But what if a couple should live in this apartment? Then you have to come up with practical furnishing ideas in order to create a homely atmosphere and still accommodate living and sleeping areas well in one room. The apartments that we would like to present to you today show that one-room apartments can also be furnished comfortably and practically, as well as in a practical way Integrate bed in living roomn can.

Integrating a bed in the living room – a perfect room layout


First, we have put together two plans for the same apartment that you can use to make a comparison. The way of furnishing is very similar in both variants with only 39 square meters: light furniture and colors characterize the apartment and geometric patterns serve as decoration. One way that you can incorporate the bed in the living room is to use room dividers. In the first variant, a white, modern shelf is used for this purpose, while in the second variant a curtain fulfills this purpose.

Integrating the bed in the living room – apartment with decoration made from patterns

The bed in the living room integrates a carpet-geometric-pattern-color-dining table

All in all, the colors and the choice of furniture designs and materials create a Scandinavian atmosphere that is known for its cozy and stylish look. Color accents are set by yellow, petrol, turquoise and dark gray, while the rest of the furniture was designed rather simply and monochrome. For inspiration, see below how you can integrate the bed in the living room.

Partition wall between living area and kitchen

Bed in the living room integrate curtains-chiffon-light-furniture

Shelf as a room divider for the sleeping area

The bed in the living room integrates geometric-pattern-petrol-yellow-turquoise

Idea with a curtain as a room divider

Bed in the living room incorporate yellow-gray zigzag pattern sofa idea

Modern kitchen with a yellow wall as an accent

The bed in the living room integrates an open-kitchen-mustard-wall color accent

Modern country kitchen


One-room apartment with white brick walls


Scandinavian style for the interior


Integrate bed in the living room in a feminine apartment

bed-living-room-integrate-color-coal-sea green-cozy-curtains-sleeping area

This apartment is no less impressive, but it exudes a more feminine flair. The apartment has a living space of only 48 square meters, but it is used perfectly. A cozy atmosphere is achieved through pleasant colors and many decorations. Geometric patterns can be found again. Mainly pastel tones were chosen for the color scheme. The dark sofa comes into its own in the midst of these colors. This way in which you can integrate the bed in the living room is also creative. The area at the window was chosen. Curtains ensure privacy at night. During the day these are postponed and let light penetrate into the one-room apartment.

Charcoal-colored couch

bed-living room-integrate-gray-couch-coffee table-mint-reindeer-wall-decoration

Not many different colors are used. Main colors are mint green and rose, which are repeated throughout the apartment. In addition to the couch, the green color can also be found in the dining room chairs and bar stools. If you integrate the bed in the living room and separate it from the rest of the apartment with any room divider, you can also create an accent wall there, as was done in this example with a pink wall color.

Minimalist kitchen in white

bed-living room-integrate-breakfast-counter-inspiration-one-room-apartment-bar stool

Attractive dining area with chairs in two colors


Comfortable seating area with canapé

bed-living room-integrate-mirror-canape-seegrun-accent wall-seating area

Feminine sleeping area with a large bed


Large wardrobe and dressing table

bed-living room-integrate-wardrobe-idea-scandinavian-clinker-industrial

Integrate the bed in the living room – use niches

bed-living room-integrate-wood-floor-tiles-mix-open-living room

If you want to integrate a bed in the living room, you can make wonderful use of wall niches in order to save space on the one hand and to make full use of the otherwise usually impractical niches. This one-room apartment also impresses with its unique furnishings. The first thing you notice is the mustard-colored sofa that adapts to the many wooden elements with its color. The attractive floor design must also be mentioned. Hexagonal tiles made of marble skilfully merge into the laminate floor, creating an impressive design for the floor. Otherwise, the apartment is strongly characterized by organic shapes, which are represented, among other things, by the round dining table and the coffee table.

Mustard colored couch for

bed-living room-integrate-sofa-color-mustard-gray-carpet-white-kitchen

Another eye-catcher is the wall unit. This consists of simple furniture, which includes a lowboard and a closet, as well as an attractive gray wall with a concrete look. This neutral color, which is repeated here and in the apartment, emphasizes the warm nuances in the furnishings. The result is a perfect combination between modern, monochrome elements and cozy warm colors. Incidentally, you can not only integrate the bed in the living room. If there is still enough space, you can also put a pull-out couch in the living room to accommodate guests.

Round dining table


Wall in concrete look

bed-living room-integrate-concrete-optics-wall-carpet-baroque-lowboard

Stylish floor design


Kitchen in white and wood color

bed-living room-integrate-minimalist-kitchen-designer-lamp

Spacious kitchen

bed-living room-integrate-scandinavian-atmosphere-kitchen-modern-brick-white

Brick as a tile mirror


Designs by: Afina Portobello

Lệ Hằng Lê

Elena Ovcharenko