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Industrial style made easy: Hostel in Thailand with a loft character

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Generously glazed steel construction, black walls and a spacious living area with a loft character – the Kloem Hostel in Thailand presents a new living concept in a trendy industrial style. Now young travelers can experience the cool interior and be inspired by its workshop charm. The talented architects from Integrated Field have succeeded in interpreting the traditional architecture from the region in a modern way. The functional furniture together with the living accessories in the antique look create a charming ambience with a unique living character.

Industrial style made easy: industrial charm with residential character in a hostel in Thailand

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Located in a densely populated district, on a narrow plot of land, the Kloem Hostel is a real eye-catcher. Seen from the outside, the hostel turns out to be a minimalist beauty with a construction made of steel and glass. Surprisingly, two old buildings are hidden behind the industrial facade, which resembles a former factory. The two buildings were built in the typical architectural style for Thailand. The clients wanted these two structures to be preserved and modernized. An additional construction volume with 5 more rooms was also planned.

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The facade of the old buildings was clad in wood – these wooden panels were removed, sanded, treated with protective sealing and painted black by the architects. After the later renovation, the new facade was clad again with the wooden panels.

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The sleeping areas for men and women are now housed in the former building volume. A spacious covered terrace with a concrete floor extends the living space outside and maximizes the living space. It is divided into several zones – hanging chairs and bean bags form a lounge area where guests can relax with a book or watch TV. The large dining table offers seating for at least 10 people.

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In the immediate vicinity of the dining table there is a large wall shelving system that offers a surface for crockery, cutlery and the breakfast buffet. Equipped with a coffee machine and a teapot, with a garden grill nearby, the outdoor dining area offers all the conveniences of your own home.

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And should the sun shine too strong in the summer months, guests can simply pull down the bamboo blinds and relax in the cool shade.

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Right next to the terrace is another room where the hostel guests can hang out on rainy days.

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The new building volume fulfills two functions: on the one hand, it shields the garden and the modern outdoor living area from the prying eyes of the neighbors; on the other hand, it also houses three single rooms. Each room has easy access to the spacious balcony.

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Visually, the new building volume cannot be distinguished from the others – it is lacquered in wenge and is both functional and stylish.

industrial style single room hostel balcony

The absolute highlight is the safety net on the second floor, which is used as a strange, large-format hammock. There, guests can relax on comfortable cushions.

Industrial style made easy: the sleeping areas

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The four sleeping areas, each with 3 to 6 beds, offer all the comforts of a hotel room: each guest has their own wardrobe, a small desk and wall shelves that provide support for computers, cell phones, books and the like. The furniture serves as a room divider and shields the guests’ private areas. Large four-poster beds promise pure relaxation in the evening. In terms of comfort, the hostel is hard to beat.

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The monochrome color scheme goes perfectly with the industrial furnishing style – black and white form an attractive ensemble. The dark color gives the room more depth. Large windows let plenty of sunlight into the sleeping area, preventing it from looking gloomy.

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